Children’s Thematic Message #1

Children, Are You Born Again?


Objectives of Lesson

  • To know that true Christianity starts not from Christian rituals or good works but from being Born Again (i.e. Having been truly converted through meeting God through Christ).
  • To arouse in the children’s heart not to assume they are born again, but to provoke them to seek deep into whether they are in a true relationship with God.
  • To give the children the assurance that even though they’re not sure, they must keep seeking till they have the assurance of being saved and loved by God.
  • To be careful not to judge whether others are born again, but rather earnestly reflect upon own belief, and also help others in their Christian walk.
  • To help the children who are born again to go further in hearing the Spirit’s voice and heed God’s call to be a witness for Him in their daily living.
  • To help the children be assured that if they’re born again, they will not lose their salvation anymore even when they may be weak or have little faith occasionally. Rather, they have to know how the Holy Spirit will help and sustain them then.


Bible verses to read and memorise

  • Verses to Read: <John 3:1-8>
  • Memorise: In reply, Jesus declared: “I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again“. ~ <John 3:3>
  • Main theme: Born again
  • Critical viewpoints to understand about the scripture:
  1. Born again = Born of Spirit (Transformation of Soul) and Water (Believe the Word) .
  2. Connection between seeing the Kingdom and entering the Kingdom of God: If one cannot see the Kingdom of God now, he is in danger of not being able to enter the Kingdom of God in Future (i.e. heaven).
  3. Spirit gives birth to spirit: So born again is a new birth of the spirit, not just an outer change of works and actions, like going to church, reading bible, praying, doing good works. All these must come from the transformation (true conversion) within us.
  • Ask the children to tell you whether they think they are born again. Why and why not?


Explaining and Expounding the Scripture Verses

  1. Do you think Nicodemus was born again? Yes/ No/ Uncertain?
It was uncertain for Nicodemus, yet he always took it for granted that he was saved because he was serving in the temple of God, and seemed to be a fervent believer. Yet he was looking at what he was doing (by works), not truly believing (conversion of his soul).


  1. Why did Jesus have to ask him such provoking question and tell him such provoking things about the truth (i.e. By telling him he might not enter heaven)?
Because Nicodemus was doing all the ritualistic things in church (like attending meetings, reading and memorizing the bible, professing God with his lips), but he was not in a real relationship with God. So would this happen to you, children?


  1. Who causes our born again? Our decision to believe or the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit. Because the Bible says: The wind blows as it pleases (i.e. the Spirit convicts as it wishes). Yet, many a times it happens without us realizing it. But we must seek and discover it, so that once we are assured of being given birth by God, we can start a real relationship with God, knowing God never leaves me, and will continual to bless, lead, guide, and correct me.


  1. But how does the Spirit convict? Does the Spirit randomly convict? Or through the Gospel?
The Spirit definitely works through the gospel of Jesus. So when we hear the gospel (can be many times), the Holy Spirit in His own way and timing, makes us understand and believe the gospel. Therefore one day, this supernatural transformation happened in our souls. From then on, we might have a few evidences within us:
  1. We believe God is our Father, and HE is the one who gives me life and creates this universe for me. And when we read the Bible, we don’t read it as a story or informative book, but the book that my Heavenly Father wrote for me.
  2. We have a longing for our family members and friends to be saved through knowing Jesus. So we pray for their souls to know God and have it in our hearts to want to share the gospel with them.
  3. We have a yearning in us to want to know God more. So we start to go to church, listen attentively to His word, pray to hear Him, and live to do His will.
  4. When we have sinned, we are upset within us not only because we have done wrong, but we have grieved God. So we repent not only to men (or parents), but to God.
  • (Now, this list is non-exhaustive, yet it points to the transformation within a born again person. Ask the children to share their bit on more born again evidences within them. Direct them to things in the soul, rather than outer works. Yet if they mentioned things related to works, link them back to the heart. E.g. U come to church every Sunday, why? Is it because of friends or parents, or because you are drawn to go to your Father’s house, to know God more?)


  1. So would a born again person be contented that he has already obtained a pass to heaven and thus from then on, follow the world and his flesh?
No! It is because the Holy Spirit inside him will not allow him to. In fact, he will struggle with his flesh (disobedient) and the world (temptations). Though he may fail at times, the fact that he continues to struggle shows that God is with Him, and he will experience the great love and help of the Holy Spirit in the process (Teachers, go provide examples for this).


Critical thinking and practical applications after the lesson

  1. Andrew is born in a Christian family. He learns to pray to an unseen God since young. He reads the Bible out of curiosity; he prays over meal or when exams are coming. He goes to church on Sunday and sings hymns. He has never thought about whether he is born again, he thinks by being born in a Christian family, that is a sure entrance to heaven. Is that true? What is wrong with his belief?
  2. Kelvin thinks he will definitely go to heaven because he feels he has believed in Jesus. When people asked him about his faith, he confessed with his mouth that Jesus is Lord. He has also done conversion prayer. He has been baptized, and he has some bible knowledge. However, he never grows in intimacy with the Lord, he never grows in good works, he never grows in love for God’s voice and leading in his life. He just does what needs to be as a churchgoer. Is he born again or not or uncertain? What must he do?
  3. Susan thinks she is not born again, because even though she goes to church, she does not read the bible or pray. Sometimes she doesn’t have the heart to tell people about Jesus. So does that mean she is not born again? What must she do?
  4. George thought that after he was born again, he could still be disowned by God because he had been very temperamental and sometimes disobedient to his parents. So he would end up not going to heaven. Is it true that a born again person will be disowned by God and lose the right to go to heaven because of his weaknesses? If God does not disown him, but if he continues to be disobedient, would God disown or discipline him? So in that kind of state, what do you think the Holy Spirit would tell him to do?
  5. Ever since Gina attended church and believed in the gospel of Jesus, she has been a blessed gal, listening to God, and having the hunger to know God more. She prays for the salvation of her family and friends, and her yearning for God clearly shows she has been born again. Now, other than knowing she is born again, do you think she will be contented, and judge others as not born again because they do not seem to be as obedient as her? Answer is No! Because a born again person knows it is by grace he/ she is saved, so he/ she will continue to seek more grace from God and help those who are weaker in faith to know God better.
  • Teachers can think of more examples to get children into critical thinking and practical applications if need be. And it will be good to read through the scripture and my notes thoroughly before you teach. Have a good grasp with the message, together with some testimonies, so that you could relate things accurately to our little young minds.


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