Pastor Vincent - 17 September 2015

Suffering In The Presence Of A Divine Relationship

"If we didn't choose Grace, we shouldn't choose our sufferings either. Yet believe that if we share in His sufferings, we will also share in His glory." - Pastor Vincent No one in suffering like the situation they are in, often we ask, "God do I deserve all these?" Why is there pain and suffering? Because of the presence of sin and evil, and the purpose of Satan is to inflict a sense of abandonment in God's children, and make us misunderstand the love of God. Like Job, our misery in suffering can be so overwhelming that we intensely protest against God, only to affirm the forsaken feeling even more and become an easier prey for Satan. And yet, what Satan meant for evil God use it for the good of His children, so that they will come to know He is the Giver of grace, righteousness, love and hope. Spiritual battle is indeed fighting against the voices of untruth and abandonment through the promise of God.

From Series: "Topical Messages"

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Sufferings in the Presence of Divine Relationship

What really torments a Christian during sufferings? There are countless answers to this question. Yet, the most direct and underlying reason behind this torment is a Christian’s “sense of abandonment”. It simply feels like, “NO ONE is on my side anymore. No one can understand or can help me. Even God has forsaken me because of my sins and mistakes. I am left alone to face the frightening consequences.” Truly, when we accept such deceptive voices into our spirit, every twinge of pain seems punitive and endless. We will try to make sense of everything except the love of God.
In the Bible, even the blameless Job could not make any sense of his sufferings. Therefore, God, in one of His greatest revelations, has given us <Romans 8>. This glorious chapter in the Bible seeks to address the sense of abandonment that children of God may experience during pain and sufferings. So yield your mind not to what you feel, but to the truth especially such times.


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