Preacher Huijun - 8 October 2016

Back to Reality with Authority

From Series: "All English Service"

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Back to Reality with Authority <Mk 9:14-29>

As children of God, whenever we restore the authority in Christ, it will be easier to cope with our life challenges and issues. Whenever we restore authority, our spirits will enjoy real peace, our words will be wise and carry weight, our family will be in harmony, etc.

Yet, how can we restore authority? Certainly, we know that the Lord’s authority has already come upon His people, and the Holy Spirit is with us and can empower us. However, the problem is, we sometimes still fail in our race and battles on earth. What went wrong? Just like in <Mk 9:14-29>, we read about Jesus’ disciples who failed to cast out demons. Actually, before Jesus and three of His disciples came down from the mountain to face this chaotic scene, they were enjoying the glory of Jesus up in the mountain where the transfiguration of Jesus took place. Yet, no matter how much they enjoyed divine presence, they still had to return to their own fields, to confront the many problems, pressures, and issues which awaited us. Likewise for us, after worshipping in church and seeing Jesus’ glory, we too have to go back to face the reactions of our family members, our job demands, the daily busyness of life, our financial burdens, etc. However, Jesus offered us the way to enjoy His authority in our living fields, through faith and prayers. Even when we find our faith too weak, Jesus answers the prayer of the one who cries, “Help me overcome my unbelief!”


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