Preacher Huijun - 15 October 2016

Exercise Your Freedom Wisely

From Series: "Synoptic Gospels"

Gospel Series for EYF

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Exercise Your Freedom Wisely <Mt 17:24-27>

Freedom is precious to us. We all like to enjoy freedom and like to do things our way. Moreover, we hate restrictions and instructions, especially the younger ones, they may desire to grow up sooner, so that they can taste freedom and not be under the control of their parents or adults.

The good news for those who believe in Jesus is, Christ has set us free! Yet, the freedom God gave His children is a ‘limited freedom’. Why doesn’t God give man complete freedom? How is our freedom in Christ restricted? It is important to note that the freedom we received as children of God is not for us to indulge in our flesh. While we are freed from condemnation and the law of sin and death, we are under the control of the Holy Spirit. We need to consider whether freedom that is not divinely guided comes with any danger or harm? How can we then exercise our freedom in Christ wisely, so as to bless others and glorify God?


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