Pastor Vincent - 19 November 2016

How To Use Your Feelings For The Lord

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How To Use Your Feelings For The Lord? <Ph 4:1-7>

If there is this one thing that the whole world would idolize and give attention to, it is the feelings that the human species is born with. And humans by nature legitimize their feelings. Yet, because of the sinful and imperfect world we live in, there is no way to protect our feelings without hurting that of others. Similarly, there is no way to move forward as a society, or as a church without some getting hurt. Inherently, we all love to feel good, and there is nothing wrong in wanting so, but what could be really wrong is if we just shut our spiritual mechanism, or stop testing or doing the will of God when we are feeling otherwise. Christ has come to redeem our feelings and emotions, and HE has given us the truth to master them. With that, let us learn to face the reality of our feelings and to use them rightly.



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