Pastor Vincent - 25 November 2016

1. Encountering God in Our Wounds

First message shared at USA TBR Conference 2016

From Series: "USA TBR Conference"

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TBR Conference 2016 (Washington D.C.) Message 1: Encountering God in Our Wounds <1Co3:1-3> <Is 6:1-8>

Wounds are powerful because of its deep roots. Subconsciously, the church gets wounded, becoming graceless. What is hidden and latent in the midst of all Christianity progress and dynamics? What have we rejected? How can our Sovereign God meet us in our wounds? Now, this era of Christianity knows, but there is no true change if we do not find God too holy for us. The encountering of God with grace and forgiveness then happens.

The grace of God is free but not cheap. How can we be kept consecrated with the live coal like on how Isaiah’s was called and touched on his lips? Consider how we can deal with our wounds. Is it only possible to overcome wounds only when being challenged? Are you being lifted out from fragility by your own way of dealing with your walk with Christ? Must it be purposefully doing things that is counter-intuitive to the godless culture? We pray for the rising of an intentional culture from the love of God and to love from within the strong love of Christ.



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