Pastor Vincent - 26 November 2016

3. Use Our Feelings Rightly

Third message shared at USA TBR Conference 2016

From Series: "USA TBR Conference"

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TBR Conference 2016 (Washington D.C.) Message 3: Use Our Feelings Rightly <Php 4:1-7>

Emotions will just arise when there are disagreements or when not everyone can win. But having them, using them, and giving in to them are all different. It can snowball into temptations, give wrong vibes and master you.

Unless Christ has redeemed the feelings, you cannot surpass your feelings and make it not serve only yourself. To see our feelings synced with what we have is a delight as we will be able to test our faith. It is shallow just to think that “If I am doing and feeling fine, then I should be fine”. Paradoxical feelings tell us that we are battling to make right our feelings. Feelings will work with your conscience what it means by loving people. Pray over and over again until your feelings are in sync with God’s. The church of this era has no problems with talking about works and even discerning about feelings, but being able to use feelings rightly bring powerful genuine works that goes into and from deep relationships between His servants.

Healing takes place when, even though feelings may not be always right, you can use them correctly. The fruit of self-control moves along with overcoming discouragements, winning youths over, and the constant need to face realities to know different and random temperaments of people to serve.



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