Deacon Hui Zhen - 10 December 2016

Sin Hurts, Truth Heals

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Sin Hurts, Truth Heals

There’s a common saying “Truth hurts”.

However, the reality is that it is sin that hurts. Sin is working in us, through us, and around us. Sin creates false sense of securities, distorted reasonings, and false sense of freedom in us, which in turn creates hurts in human souls without them knowing. Not only so, wounded human continue to live hurting themselves and others.

We all would have thought it is the way things are until God, in His merciful love, reveals to us the deeper reality through His Word. Men, blinded by sins, cannot be broken unless the Light of Truth opens up their spiritual eyes to see the uncleanliness within. Judge us He has to, give us up He will not. The resilient love of God will break us, transform us, and brace us up to wrestle with the false views about how we and things are. It is painful, but it is not meant to torture us. It is necessary because God wants to heal us and be empowered by His grace in our daily living.

When we are truly healing correctly, we will realise it is not the Truth but the sin that hurts. When we are fuelled by God’s grace, our distorted sense of self will lose its influence. We will want to cling on the grace and follow God radically!



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