Pastor Vincent - 26 November 2016

4. Faith Produced through Sufferings

Fourth message shared at USA TBR Conference 2016

From Series: "USA TBR Conference"

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TBR Conference 2016 (Washington D.C.) Message 4: Faith Produced Through Sufferings <2Co 13:5> <Lk 22:31> <Ja 1:2-4> <Ro 5:1-5> <Ro 8:31-39>

It could be that you feel that you are already in the faith. It could also be that you live just by surges of feel and energy. It could also be that we always feel defeated from sufferings. The bible rightly says that we have to be tested. You need to see where your mind and will is going, whether we have developed our own mechanism to cope with sufferings or to rely by grace, so that you can be brought to the reality of your faith.

Now, when we face sufferings and deal with ourselves, what supernatural attributes do we hope to get? Everyone loves to be spiritually recharged, have a laugh and let loose in fellowship, and just do not want to try to love. Many hope for miracles so that things will turn out well. But the real miracle is when it is no longer “me, myself and I” but the Lord, so that you just put trust and joy only in Him, and it is not only outcome anymore. We self-introspect, test and approve, but it is about the capacity of how much you can embrace times when there are no answers for that something greater later.

Test your faith and be brought to reality. Grace is supposed to make people stronger to the climax of Romans 8 but grace preachers make people weaker. God is always interceding for us and you will pass the test. If you are brought to ground zero, do not lose heart, for His intercessions work.



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