TBRC 2019 Session 1: Can You Survive The Lie?

Pastor Vincent - 12 July 2019

TBRC 2019 Session 1: Can You Survive The Lie?

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Can You Survive The Lie?

In time to come, human actualization of freedom, peace and prosperity will become a reality in the New World Order. This will be the so-called beautiful world where anything in opposed to that will be put down. Everything must be tolerated. Co-existence is King. The godly and the godless have to coexist, and fully accept each other. Yet, can the World really coexist? Ultimately it will be clear that only the Kingdom bought by the blood of Christ can last eternally.


Since the fall of men, the world has turn against God.

How does the world have enmity with God?

  • It is made up with the sinful mind of men
    – Hostile by thinking, planning and doing things apart from God. Creating cultures, beliefs and values that are against the truth of God.
    – Times of Cain: Building a system
    – Times of Noah: Renowned men influencing others to turn away from God
    – Tower of Babylon: Men wanting to fulfil their own wish to prove that they are better than God.

Verse to read: <Revelations 17:3,6,16>

  • The woman is the modern world and the beast is the Anti-Christ.
  • <verse 6>They are joining forces to persecute Christians.
  • <verse 16> But conflict will come and the world will go against each other.

1. The Ultimate Lie: A Global Co-existence
* Peak of Godlessness 

Verse to read: <2 Thessalonians 2:9>

1) The Big Lie

  • Everything that oppose the truth of God.
    – About the sins of men
    – The need for repentance
    – To live for/by Christ’s kingdom and commands
  • We cannot handpick the truth we want because that is not the full gospel. The truth cannot be compromised.

2) Satan reinforces the Lie

  • That lie will be coupled with a lot of signs, wonders, miracles, economic miracles, Bitcoin or miracles in medical science.

  • Miraculous healing in different religions

  • Even within the church, all kinds of prophetic word is given to prosper people who wants their desires met.


3) Who will believe the Lie?

  • Those who refused to love the truth:
    – Delights in half-truths
    – Does not want God or the Bible to interfere in his life
    – Taken in by the powerful delusion of the world.

4) To believers: A cautionary note

  • Do not know how massive or widespread these lies would be, and how dreadful the end days will become.
  • The Bible says those dreadful days have to be cut short for the elected <Mat 24:22>, if not, even the elected will not be able to bear it.

2. 3 Types of People in this world:

1)  Demas:

  • Blinded and fail to see the signs that are so obvious.

  • Carried away with the prospective future they wish for and fail to see the coming of the Lord

  • Like Demas who left Paul because he loved the World. He loved the world – “There is no worth in following Paul. This is not what I want”.

2)  Lot:

  • Painfully felt the sins of the city he is in. Living among those who practiced homosexuality, greed, violence, arrogance and they do not bat an eyelid.

  • But being painful is all he could do. There is no way he could minister to the people around him. He could not even convince his own family.

3) Abraham

  • Faithfully and passionately interceding for the righteous, for the chosen one. 

*Which one are you right now? Which one do you desire to be?

3. The Great Sifting

How does the sifting happen?

1)  The Gospel Truth

  • About Christ crucified, how we join Him in His death, and join Him as He lives.

  • Not the prosperity gospel, not the mystical gospel, not the legalistic gospel, not the social gospel, not the humanistic gospel, not the truncated gospel, but the gospel of Christ crucified, where we die and live with Him.

  • This gospel will sift people out in the last days. Therefore, for those of us who have the gospel truths, preach it and live it. The sifting will eventually come.

2) The Lie of the Anti-Christ

  • The reason God allow the Anti-Christ to work to such an extent:
    – T
    he lies and deception brought about by the Anti-Christ will leave no people in the lukewarm state. Increasingly, you will see no one being able to sit on the fence. A clear line will be drawn between believers and non-believers.

Verse to read: <John 15:18-20; Romans 8:35-37>

4. 5 ways to live as Remnants in this Modern World

1)  Understand sufferings

  • Suffering is a reality in persecution <John 15:19>
  • The world will always punish non-conformity either through direct laws or subtle shaming <2 Thessalonians 3:12>
  • Suffering adds pressure to our faith in God. However, it is through sufferings that we become more than conquerors. How?
    – Because of His love: Despite trials, we have been kept from falling.
    – Because of our calling: Puts in us passion and conviction to testify (Deepen and bolden our faith to open doors)

2) Learn to apply the truth of God critically

  • It has to draw you to God: Bring you to humility and contriteness
  • It has to strengthen you to do His will <John 8:32>
  • If we do not apply the truth critically, we may misuse it or justify what we desire by our own preference.
  • The more we test and approve the truth of God, the more accurate we get in understanding God’s will

3) Live with a clear conscience 

  • A smeared conscience or area that we cannot stand bold before God is a foothold for Satan.
  • God is merciful but if we continue to indulge in these sins, Satan has a channel to show contempt to God. Therefore, God has to intervene and discipline us to uphold His righteousness and protection for us.
  • <Philippians 1:10> “Be pure and blameless.” The world will try to blind our conscience and make us compromise but hold onto this verse.

4) Be mindful of how you use technology

  • Deliberately reduce dependency on it: Put your handphones at home and go out for meals with your family, or when you go out for an exercise. Use it only when necessary. There are fun-filled enjoyments that you can get without using technology. Do not let all your enjoyment come from there. It can be from sports, it can be from talking with people around you.
  • Do not make decisions or judgments merely based on what you see on the internet: Do not ask Google, ask God. Pray critically and think through issues critically. Exercise faith more than what you read from the internet.
  • Never sacrifice relationships and communications with people because of technology: Never let yourself talk to people just through Whatsapp and social media. Never let a family meal time just be about checking your handphones. Now, the moment you sacrifice human relationships for machine, the machine will take over your mind.

5) Hold onto what the blessed early generation believes <1 Kings 12:3-11>

  • Belief system:
    That is to be built through reading the Bible. This is the “temple building”. As what the Apostle says: Hold on right to your doctrine. When the doctrine is wrong, everything is wrong.
  • Be God-driven: Keep doing the right thing even when you do not see desirable results. 

  • Value relationships: Value relationships over task, over outcome. Value relationships that has been built over the years. There is a reason why the old guards stick to Solomon over his lifetime, even when Solomon’s faith has backslided. There is a sense of faithfulness in these old guards. They are people who serve Israel faithfully and keep it intact, but Rehoboam has failed to see this.


  1. What is “coexistence” to you? Is coexistence a frightening thing to you? Why and why not?
    Do you think you have been drawn into it at times? How?
  2. Of the 5 ways to live as a remnant (true believer), which one do you tend to fall short of? Why?
Pastor Vincent Choo

Vincent is the Senior Pastor of The Life Church and Missions (Singapore) and is an ardent missionary to the Chinese World. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife, Qiufen, and has three kids, Mary, David, and Caleb.

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