TBRC 2019 Session 3 Part 2: How To Be Raised Up In Your Workplace

Pastor Vincent - 13 July 2019

TBRC 2019 Session 3 Part 2: How To Be Raised Up In Your Workplace

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How To Be Raised Up In Your Workplace (Part 2)

In a modern world, career progression and development has been used to captivate the hearts of every young working adult. The world, in its tireless effort to build up itself to be advance, intelligent and attractive, is beginning to see “work” as part of human actualization. Yet, how can Christians so distinguished themselves that they would be highly favored in workplaces?

  • Everything that happened to Daniel and Joseph comes from the Grace of God – not only did He place them in the right place and time, but He provided them with enough Grace that even when they prosper, their hearts do not waver or compromise. It is all about the heart since prosperity on earth does not last.
  • For Joseph and Daniel, it is NOT all about survival. Those who work for survival are subconsciously trapped into a deluded system of thinking, believing a lie. Those who are not trapped can more easily lean towards the Word of God.

Daniel’s Example <Dan 1:2-15>

1. Daniel was blameless before God <Dan 6:22> <Col 3:23>

  • Have a heart that serves the Lord
  • Do not fear and serve men instead of the Lord, do not be absorbed but instead show the people around you your principles
  • Question your own intentions – have a clear conscience

2. Be blameless before your superiors

  • Give your superiors due respect
  • Be committed to your work and company, serve with all your heart and do not be distracted
  • Do not push responsibilities but find out what you can do to serve
  • Do not harbor selfish intentions or be filled with grievances

3. Be genuine interpersonally

  • Be true to people and treat everyone with respect
  • Being genuine is a trait of good Christian character

4. Fixed time prayer

  • What Daniel did every day, without fail was a focused and deep communion with God
  • Look to the Lord, do not lean on your own understanding
  • Guard your heart through prayer, it brings great spiritual strength

5. Do not fret over injustice

  • <1 Pe 3:17> It is better to suffer for good than evil.
  • Our God is the ultimate administrator of justice, nothing escapes the true principle of God
  • Daniel looks towards the greatness of God, and God took care of his enemies for him
Pastor Vincent Choo

Vincent is the Senior Pastor of The Life Church and Missions (Singapore) and is an ardent missionary to the Chinese World. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife, Qiufen, and has three kids, Mary, David, and Caleb.

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