Trials Are God’s Tools

Trials Are God’s Tools

Sister Miki Terayama - 13 September 2020

Weekend Devotion: Trials Are God's Tools

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A good day to  you, brothers and sisters. No one likes to go through trials and problems in life but even children of God cannot escape the reality of experiencing it. However, the trials between believers of God and the people of the world  are different. Although the nature of the problem may seem the same, but the purpose and blessings behind it differ. In fact, when God allows us to meet with some issues, whether it is in your family, career, studies, relationship, finances or more, God’s reason for it is not in the problem itself, but the spiritual meaning that follows after. Many of us tend to keep our focus locked on the sufferings and troubles at hand, losing strength and even leading to doubts or disappointment towards God, but the truth is, God was never absent nor did He under-promise, but He is using our trials to fulfil His perfect will for us.

Trials are merely God’s tools.

  1. To sanctify our lives
    Just as gold needs to go through the burning fire to be refined and rid of its impurities, so that it can be purified and even more valuable, our spirits require the same process as well. As sinners, we are laden with our own desires, temptations, inclinations and weaknesses that are not in sync with the gospel. Therefore, we need to be sanctified to be more one-hearted with God’s plans for us and be His glorious vessels. Thus, the problems that occur in our lives are the tools that He is using to mould us.
  2. To raise us up
    Also, God is using our trials to turn us into main characters of His plans. For example, when the Israelites were badly treated in Egypt, Moses rose up to be the main character, or when Israel was being threatened by Goliath, David rose up, and when Jesus had resurrected and believers were persecuted, Jesus’ disciples became main characters to advance God’s word. And they transcended their trials because they continued to look to God and submit to His will. Similarly, for us believers, we may have problems at home, at work, in school or in church, but we must see it as God’s way of raising us up in faith to become the main characters of His works. God wants us to use the moment to intercede for the people around us, our family, workplace or community, becoming watchmen of our fields, living out God’s purpose for us and sharing the word of salvation to our loved ones.
  3. To garner our attention and turn back to Him
    In other situations, trials could also be a compass for us. When God’s children are straying away in faith, God will surely want to bring us back. As the saying goes, “During our daily living, we can hear God’s whispers but it is in our trials that we hear God’s loud calling.” Trials could be God’s way of disciplining His children, to wake us up from spiritual slumber or rebelliousness and turn back to the right route with His guidance.
  4. To allow us to experience and share about God’s comfort
      Here it shares about the effects of God’s comfort in our trials. Our faithful God does not forsake us in our troubles. Therefore, instead of dwelling in lament, use our God-allowed experiences to comfort those who are in the same circumstances of sufferings as well.

Even in trials, we can have assurance.

Brothers and sisters, it is true that trials are inevitable, but the difference between us and the people of the world is that we can always have an unwatered assurance. Most of the time when we are met with problems, people will tend to ask, “What is the reason for this issue? Who is to blame?”, and we will go on to think of solutions to resolve it. But one who has assurance in God will not just rush into wanting to change the situation or problem-solving, but introspect the promises of God, that despite whether it is caused by our own sins or a God-given opportunity for us to rely on Him, God will never allow meaningless trials in the lives of His children. Dear brethren, assurance in God is very important. If believers do not have the assurance that we are people that will be greatly used by God in this era, we will live our lives loosely and often have no answers when we are met with the different issues of life. Therefore, do you have assurance in God’s love and promises for you today? Actually, our joy and assurance should not be based on how our situations are like, but in what God says about us, who we are in His eyes, and everything that He has allowed are part of His perfect will. How much assurance we have in our heart will affect how we look at a circumstance or how we respond to future issues. A person with the assurance will be able to take up the challenges of lives better, trusting that God is the master of “making all things work for the good of those He loves”.

Many times, we will easily lose the heart to see God’s love when we are in the midst of problems, but if we can look beyond the surface of our trials, and test and approve God’s purpose, think about how it may be a tool to work for the good of God’s people, you will then be able to receive strength and assurance in every problem you face. Take care and God bless.

Miki Terayama

Miki is a full-time ministry staff at The Blessed Run Ministries. She is a sister who shares a natural, God-given affinity with children and youths. She is married to Randy (NET Group Youth Leader) and has two little ones of her own, Liora and Jude. She is involved in the children, youth and social media ministries.

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