Our English Service aims to bring about a grounded belief in Christ through deep understanding of His Word. It sets the tone for Discipleship and World Evangelization for believers, equipping them thoroughly for good works in the last days. Our sermon carries a spirit that does not make the gospel easy, but helps believers comprehend true humility in the grace of Christ. As it is, the gospel is easy to the humble, and powerful to those who learn true grace.

We initially started the ministry with a small congregation for Emmanuel Youth Fellowship (EYF) where young English-speaking Christians or seekers below the age of 35 gathered for the word. But as of 2018, we have shifted to an English Service to deepen the congregation’s commitment and heart for worship. The English Service is open to English-speaking people of all ages.The weekly English Service messages are shared by Pastor Vincent, Preacher Hui Jun and Deacon Chengji.

Do Not Nullify The Grace of God

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Deacon Chengji - 7 July 2024 Do Not Nullify The Grace of God Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine 12 For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ. (Ga 1:12)     I went up because of a...

The Gospel is not of Human Origin

If the gospel is the power and wisdom of God, and the hope for sinful mankind, we must do our best to defend the gospel from any distortion. And if this gospel truth and grace have been given us by God, are we now pleasing God or still pleasing men? Are we clear about the objective gospel truth that we are witnessing about and do we have real subjective life transformation as evidence that the gospel has real power?

The Church in Laodicea- Lukewarm and Deluded

The Church in Laodicea have failed to be a true and faithful witness for Christ. Their testimony was not impacting the city they live in and they received harsh words from Jesus. However, they are not without hope. Despite their weaknesses, Jesus is standing at the door knocking, waiting to restore the fellowship with them.

Growing in Love for the Church

Growing In Love For The Church

Galatians Series: No Other Gospel

What is central to the gospel? In the book of Galatians, Paul defended the gospel and explained clearly how justification is by faith in Christ alone and not by the works of the law. Join us in this series on Galatians to look at how Paul did that, so that we can understand the gospel better and not be swayed by another “gospel”.

The Church in Philadelphia: Faithfully Keeping The Word

The church in Philadelphia was commended for faithfully keeping the Word even when they have little power. It is through their keeping of the Word that they testify the love of God and be sustained and preserved by God in their trials.

Family Month 2024: Centering our Family on Christ in the Digital Age

The church in Philadelphia was commended for faithfully keeping the Word even when they have little power. It is through their keeping of the Word that they testify the love of God and be sustained and preserved by God in their trials.

Family Month 2024: Glorifying God In Our Marriage

God’s commandments are meant to guide us to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. His commandments for marriage are no different. The truth about marriage taught in the Scriptures remains the same, from the time it was written to even our present day.
It is only with the faith that Jesus is our saviour and we are already in union with Him that we can be empowered to love sacrificially and submit faithfully in our marriage, as commanded in Ephesians 5:22-33.

Family Month 2024: From Singlehood To Courtship

How should Christians view courtship? How should we approach courtship in a wise and biblical manner? While the modern world thinks nothing about falling in and out of love, Christians should approach it with care, knowing that a courtship that is God-seeking will lead to marital sacredness.

Family Month 2024: Coping With Tensions In The Family

Because family is so important to us, few things are more painful than tensions in the family. So how are believers to cope with such tensions? Can we still find hope in the Lord when there are tensions in our families?

Guided By The Glorious Presence Of God

Is God really with us? This is one question often on our minds, especially when things are not rosy or when we knew we are acting against God’s will. Can you confirm that God has been faithfully present with you? And if God is really with us, how are we to live in His presence? How can we boldly come into the presence of God?

The Church of Sardis: Reviving the “Dead” Church

What does it mean to be truly alive? To the church in Sardis, Jesus said that they have the reputation of being alive but they are dead.
It is likely that the church was not living up to its reputation. It has not centred itself on Christ, who rightfully should be the head, bridegroom and cornerstone of the church.
Despite the harsh words, this letter also shows us the church was not doomed. Jesus still remembered them and gave them the way to return to Him.

The Assurance Which Christians Need

Many Christians live without assurance, yet there are churchgoers who live with false assurance. The scriptures does instruct the genuine believer to pursue assurance, which is an attribute vital to his Christian growth. Yet, it also warns against false assurance. Hear this important message by Pastor Vincent on how he encourages the believer to pursue assurance and denounce teachings, which gives false assurance.

A Command To Give Willingly

Does a command to give willingly sound strange to you? If it is an “order”, how can it be voluntary; if it is an obligation, how can it be cheerful? Yet, can we see that serving and giving to God is both an obligation as well as a privilege? God does not demand from us more than what is necessary, but how much we have been touched by God can be reflected by how much we are willing to offer Him.
“If the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable” <2 Co 8:12>.

Easter Sunday 2024: The King of Another Kingdom

As Jesus stand trial, he refused to mobilize his servants to prevent His arrest. He was consistent to the end as he spoke of Himself as the King of another Kingdom. His death bought the Kingdom and His people. Today, the modern man focuses on the kingdom of this world, and thus miss Jesus’ glorious and invisible kingdom. Behold, the day will come when this Kingdom will descend and all eyes will see it, and all those who belong to it will rejoice.

The Church in Thyatira: Toxic Tolerance

The church in Thyatira may be the least prominent among the 7 churches but it received the longest letter from Jesus. Though their works motivated by love and faith were growing, they have become tolerant of a false teacher who is seducing other believers to sin. Our God who sees all things and searches mind and heart will throw the false teacher and her followers into tribulation unless they repent. In face of increasing calls for tolerance in our culture, the church needs to be guided by the Scriptures to take a firm stand about what should be tolerated and what shouldn’t be tolerated. However, ultimately, the Christian community should not be defined by what it tolerates but by the sacrificial love of Jesus and our commitment to follow and imitate Him.

The Compassionate, Just and Jealous God

We all love the idea that God is compassionate and gracious. However, this same merciful God would also not leave the guilty unpunished, because He is just. Despite His mercy, sin always has consequences, so that people would not take sin lightly. Yet because of His mercy, there is still hope for restoration when we repent after falling into sin. God says He is a jealous God, how can that be our warning and comfort?

God’s Presence, Mercy and Glory

How important is God’s presence to you? Would you settle for a life full of material blessings but without the presence of God? What if sin causes God to withdraw His presence from you? God has revealed time and again that even when He is angry with sin, He is still merciful, so those who seek Him will find Him. Have you ever sought to see the glory of God? In what ways does God reveal His glory?

Israel’s Deadly Sin and Moses’ Mediation

The Israelites had barely confirmed the covenant with God but in less than 40 days’ time, they broke the covenant. How quickly humans can fall into sin. But how can we repent and pray for reconciliation to God? What kind of prayer will be pleasing to God? Can our prayers change God’s mind?

The Church In Pergamum: Dangers Of Compromise

The letter to the church in Pergamum is a reminder on the dangers of compromise.
Though the church was commended for keeping the faith against external pressures, they have allowed a subtle form of compromise to slowly develop. Some of them have forgotten their identities, wanting to be their own gods and succumbed to worldly beliefs. As the Lord comes as a judge with his Word to his churches, his desire is for them to repent and receive the fullness of his blessings.

God’s Equipping for Work and Call to Rest

God never demands people to do what is impossible for them. No matter how difficult a task He calls them to do, He will always gift them with the necessary abilities. But when God empowers, did we obey? Have we used His gifts faithfully to fulfil His purpose and to glorify Him? Besides faithfully doing His work, have we also faithfully rested as He commanded? How can the Sabbath as a sign of covenant loyalty to God apply to modern day Christians?

The Shape and Nature of Abraham’s Blessings

Everyone in the world seeks some form of blessing. However, the true blessing from God may be different from what the world desires. As seen in the story of Abraham, God’s blessing can be the transformation of an individual into a person who lives by faith and not by sight. Through this transformation, Abraham becomes God’s instrument to bring His ultimate blessing to the world – Jesus Christ.

Be A Sweet Aroma To God

Having atoned for our sins, God invites us to come to Him in prayers, to remember His redemption and be close to Him. However, He also wants us to approach Him in the right way, and live a life in acknowledgement of His ownership. Are we living a God-pleasing life now? Are our lives a sweet aroma to God?

Church in Smyrna: Faithful in Tribulation

The letter to the church in Smyrna is the shortest letter among the letters to the 7 churches and contains no rebuke. To a suffering Church like Smyrna, Jesus reminded them that He is eternal, sovereign over life and history and He is acquainted with their grief. God identifies with those the persecuted for his sake and he points them to an eternal reward if they remain faithful. Ultimately, it is the Word of God that can truly sustain our faith.

Live This Life In Light Of Our Next Life

In consideration of all the troubles we face in this life, the world has offered nothing but futile solutions. The most it could offer are sells-offs to minimize our pain and suffering for a season. It offers no real solution to the human predicament. Why? Because it doesn’t have that solution to start with. Yet, Jesus in His very own words to His disciples during their darkest moment was, “let not your hearts be troubled”. Find out from this week’s sermon the key to having a quiet and peaceful heart in the reality of a troubled life.

Consecrating Ourselves To God

As we step into a new year, it is important that we examine and consecrate our hearts and lives to God once again. So what does it mean by consecration? It is to be separated from what is unclean, impure and sinful, and be set apart for something or someone holy. How can we be cleansed such that we are fit to serve God? Are you willing to be consecrated to God and be sanctified by His truth?

Christmas Service 2023: When Love Seeks Us- “Where Are You?”

What are the first words that God spoke to the first sinners? Three simple words, “Where are you?” but it comes with a profound message. These three words tell of God’s mercy and desire to seek and save sinners. It prompts us to reflect whether we are in a right and safe place? God’s call, “Where are you?” can be comforting or intimidating, depending on the response to it. God is also tenderly seeking us today, how would you respond to Him?

The Redeemer in Christmas

As Christmas approaches, believers are called to prepare their hearts in hopeful anticipation to commemorate the birth of Jesus, and also the Lord’s second coming. However, waiting can be an unsettling process for many. Thus, it is important to remember who we are waiting and learn how we should wait. The story in Ruth points us to the ultimate redeemer we have in Christ and teaches us important lessons on we can receive grace as we wait.

The Hesed Of Christmas

We all know that God loves us. But what kind of love is this? How does it compare to the love we see in the world. The book of Ruth gives us an idea of ‘hesed’, the steadfast love of God, that culminates in the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, let us reflect on the love we have received and respond with a faithful generous love to God and others, even those we consider as outsiders.

Priestly Glory and Blessings

God cares about the finest details of worship and we cannot be cavalier when we approach our holy God. Are there iniquity even in our holy things, when we do and offer holy things? What do God’s instructions about priestly garments reveal about how much we need our Great High Priest Jesus Christ?

Entering Fellowship With A Just God

What can we learn from the Old Testament tabernacle, particularly its altar of burnt offering, its courtyard and ever burning lamps? What significance do they have to us even today? How do these reveal the righteousness and mercy of God? How can a sinner enter the presence of God and be accepted and forgiven of our sins such that we can restore reconciled fellowship with God?

Church in Ephesus: Love Abandoned

In the letters to 7 churches in the Book of Revelation, the Church in Ephesus was commended for their works, endurance and commitment sound doctrine. However, God has something against them. They have abandoned the love they had at first. It seems that without love, all the good they have done will mean nothing. Why is love so important and how is love often lost? As we look deeper, we see that the letter to Church in Ephesus is not a complaint letter from God, but a message of love that points them to an enduring hope.

A Renewed Mind, A Transformed Life

The Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work upon the Christian lives starts from the renewing of his mind. And the mind can only be renewed through being informed and educated by scriptural truths. The tragedy these days is that preachers of the word increasingly seek to motivate believers with slogans and tagline to live an active Christian life without renewing their mind with truths of God. That has largely contributed to a superficial faith.
Listen to this message from Pastor Vincent about the importance of a renewed mind and how it is the key element to a transformed life in Christ.

Access To God: Limited Then Restored

Because of sins, fallen mankind was separated from God. Even as God dwelt among His people through the tabernacle in the Old Testament, access to God was restricted and only selected individuals (i.e. the high priests) could enter the Most Holy Place to be most intimate with God. But thanks be to God that by the redemption of Christ, a new way to God was opened. Have you found the way back to God through Christ? Do you cherish the free access to God through Christ? Are there still any barriers between you and God that hinder your relationship with Him?

Forging Meaningful and Lasting Friendships

We’re all born into kinship, but friendships are made. Kinship is a given, but friendship somehow started off without ties and obligations.
As we grow up, step out from the comfort of our family and we just gravitate towards certain people in our lives.
We built trust with them, share our dreams with them, and friendships are forged. Yet, we are told that friendship in Christ means more than that.
How sacred can a Christian friendship be? How about friendships with non-believers? Hear Pastor Vincent speak about friendship.

God Dwells Among His People

What is the kind of worship that God desires from us? Why does the all-sufficient God request His people to build a tabernacle for Him? That is because God wants to dwell among His people and desires His people to centre their lives upon His presence. What can we learn from the sacred furnishings and items in the tabernacle that can help us appreciate God’s presence better?

Confirmation of the Covenant

It is so very easy for us to forget God’s grace and our initial love and commitment to God. Thus, it is important to be reminded of God’s covenant with us. So what are the essential elements of God’s covenant with His people? How can sinful humans enter a lasting covenant relationship with God?

My Soul Refuses To Be Comforted

Prayer is not just about praise, adoration, thanksgiving or petition. God welcomes us to draw near to Him with our weaknesses, questions and doubts in prayers, so that we will ultimately be led to the truths about God’s surpassing power and love. Psalm 77 provides a map of such a prayer that ends with an assurance that God’s way through the sea is often through our simple obedience to His leading.

Blessed Rhythm To Remember God

Do you find yourself easily distracted and busy with things of the world? Are you able to rest from depending on yourself and rest in the Lord? How can we have a blessed “rhythm” in our lives to help us remember God better? Is God weaved into your daily, weekly and yearly schedule? Pray that we always find strength to stay close to God by remembering His faithful providence.

Different Degree of Sin and Punishment

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Pastor Vincent - 17 September 2023 Different Degrees of Sin and Punishment Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine The notion of different degree of sin seldom being taught in church.  Not knowing this truth will eventually result in nominal Christianity.    Two Ramifications: 1) Believers being rob of living a God-fearing Christian life....

Finding Yourself In An Ever-Changing World

Man is on an endless search for himself. He either builds his identity on his achievements or dreams and aspirations, eager to validate himself with the approval of others. In a world that is changing quickly, the self-identity built on these fleeting things is on shaky ground. The search ends only when man realise that his true self can only found in being what God has created him to be.

Do Not Steal But Care For Our Neighbours’ Properties

Are Old Testament laws really irrelevant to modern times? How can we apply the principles behind biblical laws today? Specifically, what does God teach us about the sins of theft and negligence?

Fair Punishment For Causing Physical Harm

We all love fairness. If we are victims of wrongdoings, we want fair compensation. Even if we are the ones who did wrong, we do not wish to be “over-punished”, but receive a fair judgment. How does the law of God reflect His justice and love? What does the law of God teach us about responsible living in love for our neighbours?

Living In A World Of Permissiveness

How do Christians survive in a world who live by changing moral values? When the society not only sin, but also permits and redefines sin, how do Christians stand their ground? Find out why the Christian message of truth and grace is the only hope to stop this permissive world from destruction.

How do we come together for the Lord’s Supper?

The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus for believers to remember His death and it is a symbol of the New Covenant.

In 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, Paul rebuked the believers in Corinth for abusing this sacrament. What does it mean to eat the bread or drink the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner?

Paul, in lovingly admonishing the believers in Corinth, teaches us what is true faith and how we should live and gather as a body of Christ.

The Obligations of Knowing Christian Ethics

Human beings are moral agents created to ACT ON what we know to be right and wrong. Thus, learning Christian ethics is not just meant to be informative, rather it carries with it an obligation to act on what we know to be right and wrong.
Find out what are our obligations to God, fellow believers and the unbelieving world, after knowing Christian ethics.

God’s Merciful Laws Concerning Servants

As God taught His people how to live a life pleasing to Him through the Covenant Code, it is amazing that one of first things God spoke about was the fair treatment of servants. If God can remember people who are easily forgotten in the society, it assures us that God will also remember us who are His children. So how did God demonstrate His care for the least through His laws? And if God is such a good Master who takes care of His servants, are we willing to serve Him cheerfully forever?

The Fear and Glory of God

We like to think of God as loving and kind, which is true. But have we focused so much on God’s kindness that we lose the sense of fear for God? Have we been too casual in approaching God? How can we find confidence to come boldly near to the God whom we are to fear?

Praise The Glory Of God (Psalm 76)

It may be easy to praise God when He delivers us from our trials and answers our prayers. Such experiences can actually help us know God more and transform our faith. However, if we are not intentional, after rejoicing and giving thanks, we will soon be back to life as usual. Psalm 76 first looks back at God’s great deliverance of His people with praise. Then it elevates our praise with a view of God’s salvation plan for all nations in the horizon of eternity. Ultimately, it points us see how our praise of God should lead to a transformation of our own lives and draw others to Him.

The 10th Commandment: “You Shall Not Covet”

There is nothing wrong with having desires. But how often do we long for things that are not ours to have? The Tenth Commandment prompts us to examine if there are any hidden sins in our heart. For God desires both outward and inward obedience. In particular, the Bible warns us of the sin of covetousness. How is this sin dangerous and how can we slay it? Have covetousness affected your relationship with God? Do you delight in God and what He has given you? Or do you have an unhealthy longing for certain things?

Why Should Christians Help The Poor And Vulnerable?

In the bible, God commands His people to act justly and show mercy, especially to last, the least and the lost.
Beyond giving timely aid, the ultimate Christian goal is to point people to the abundant life in Christ, by going deeper and addressing the spiritual brokenness in their lives.
With this biblical perspective that is best manifested in the life of Jesus, we will see that Word and deed must go together so that others may glorify our Father in heaven.

Love Your Neighbour As Yourself

Do you find “love your neighbor as yourself” an unattainable command? Some Christians take it passingly, while others may struggle with obeying it. Let us study comprehensively into what this command actually means and find strength in obeying it. For our Christian liberty does not lie in doing what we love, but being able to love others as ourselves.

Praise The Righteous Judge

Do we find it hard to praise God? Perhaps we think that praise can only come from an improvement in outward circumstances. Psalm 75 shows us that there are glorious eternal truths that deserves our loudest praise, regardless of our immediate circumstances. And these truths are magnified by the wondrous works and promises of Christ. So let us not look anywhere else, but fix our eyes on God to restore our praise, so that our delight in Him may be complete.

The 9th Commandment: “You Shall Not Give False Testimony”

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Preacher Huijun - 4 June 2023 The 9th Commandment: "You Shall Not Give False Testimony" Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine <Ex 20:16> “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”   Rationale behind the ninth commandment. 1) Relates to God’s command to LOVE our neighbours. Love: Desiring the greatest good of others....

Family Month Message 4: The Prayerful Husband

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Pastor Vincent - 28 May 2023 Family Month Message 4: A Prayerful Husband Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine Introduction: * Why did the Bible present a thoroughly masculine perspective? E.g. Brothers, Fathers, Sons. * God has also consistently describe Himself in the masculine gender. ⟹ show His fatherhood, protection, direction, strength, etc....

Family Month Message 3: A Beautiful Wife

Man wants a beautiful wife. And every woman yearns to be a beautiful wife.
Yet ladies, what is beauty? Do you cease to be beautiful after marriage?
What if age hits you? What if trouble and suffering hits you? What if your husband does not know how to appreciate you or fall short of your expectation? Can you still be beautiful?
The Bible says “Yes” to that. Hear this refreshing message by Pastor Vincent on “The Beautiful Wife”.

Family Month Message 2: Family, Work and Faith

Everyone is looking for a way to balance work and family. Our Christian faith is not an additional demand on our life. Instead, it is the key to unlock the real meaning of work and family that will guide us to make the decisions which will glorify God.
When we put God first in our family, work, and all other aspects of our life, we are transforming them into our worship, offering ourselves as a living sacrifice.

Family Month Message 1: Walking with God in Singleness and Dating

Can singleness be good? Is marriage really better than singleness? How can a Christian deal with unwanted singleness? What if I am single but still hoping to find someone to date and marry? Can Christians use dating apps and websites? What is God’s message of hope and direction for Christian singles?

The 8th Commandment: “You Shall Not Steal”

What does God require from us in His short commandment, “you shall not steal”? There is no exclusion stated in this commandment. The Bible condemns all stealing. So what constitutes stealing in God’s eyes? What is so evil about stealing? Are we also robbing from God? What does God want us to do instead of stealing?

What About Worshipping God?

Worship is where we as creatures ascribe to God (the Creator) the praise, honor and glory that is due Him. Yet, are we doing it rightly in terms of praise and worship? Especially with church music being more free and liberal these days, how do we ensure musical elements and intelligible words that is put together during corporate worship is done in a God pleasing way?

The 7th Commandment: “You Shall Not Commit Adultery”

Everyone is created with a need for love and intimacy, and everyone struggles when they feel lonely and unloved. Thus, everyone is at risk of sexual temptation and sin. That is why God gives us the seventh commandment, to caution us against sexual immorality, and remind us of the honor of sexual purity. Can you see the deep connection between your faithfulness to God and your sexual purity? Do you detest the slightest hint of unchastity? Are you taking any precautions to guard yourself from sexual immorality?

Easter Sunday 2023: The Audacious Hope of Easter

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. What is hope? Elpis Tikvah Importance of right hope Do we have hope today?   Do we have the right hope? Is the resurrection account believable? How does the resurrection bring audacious hope for those who believe?   1. Do we have the right hope? “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” Luke 24:5 Human methodology and technology...

The 6th Commandment: “You Shall Not Murder”

Many people may feel confident that they have not violated the sixth of the Ten Commandments since they have never physically murdered anyone. But are we really not guilty of murder by God’s standards? How about the sin of murder in our hearts and through our words? Why does God hold the sanctity of human life in such high regard? Is it enough not to murder, what more does God require of us?

The 5th Commandment: Honor Your Father and Your Mother

Disrespecting and neglecting our parents is no trivial matter, as God considers honoring our father and mother so important that He included it in the Ten Commandments. What does it mean to honor our parents? What if our parents are “undeserving” of such honor? Does this commandment apply only to our parents?

Understanding The Love Of God

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Pastor Vincent - 19 March 2023 Understanding The Love Of God Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine Introduction * Sinclair Lewis: “Love is the morning and the evening star. Love is the inspiration of the artist and the substance of the philosophers. * Powerful Quotes about love: - "We are most alive when...

The 4th Commandment: Remember The Sabbath Day By Keeping It Holy

We all love to rest, so isn’t it great that God has commanded us to rest? But are Christians today still required to obey the fourth commandment about keeping the Sabbath day holy? Is the fourth commandment a “moral” law or “ceremonial” law? What does the Lord require from us concerning the the fourth commandment? Why do Christians today set aside Sundays, instead of Saturdays, to rest and worship God?

Have Regard For Your Covenant

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Deacon Chengji - 5 March 2023 Have Regard For Your Covenant Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine 1 O God, why have you rejected us forever?     Why does your anger smolder against the sheep of your pasture? 2 Remember the nation you purchased long ago,     the people of your inheritance, whom you redeemed—     Mount Zion, where you...

The 3rd Commandment: “You Shall Not Take The Name Of The Lord In Vain”

What is so important about God’s Name that He has to protect it with the Third Commandment? What does it mean to take God’s name in vain? Is it merely about the verbal use of God’s name? God is certainly zealous for His holy name, and He will not hold anyone guiltless who takes His name in vain. Yet, are we taking God’s name seriously, with the utmost reverence?

Understanding The Law Of God

Many Christians today have much misunderstanding of the law. Other than knowing that the Gospel first saves them from the curse of the law, they are not directed back to the law to search its spirit, goodness and beauty. The Bible indeed tells us that we born again children of God are under grace and not the law, but we’ve to ask: “What is the purpose of the law to the new testament believers? Does it still count in any way to our Christian life?” Hear this insightful message by Pastor Vincent Choo about how the law is still significant to us today.

The Second Commandment: “You Shall Not Make Any Images To Worship”

The first two commandments of the Ten Words may sound similar, but what is the difference between the first and second commandments? What’s wrong with using images to represent the one true God and using images as means to worship Him? If we are not to make any images to worship God, then how should we worship Him? Also, are all images bad and to be eliminated from the church?

God Is The Strength Of My Heart

A true Christian experience is a constant struggle for faith in an unbelieving world. Envy, doubts and discontentment may afflict our hearts when we see the wicked prosper. It is important for us to recognise our envy and know its destructiveness.
We may think that if God would just bless us more, we will not have envy. In fact, envy is not about the condition of our life, but it is about condition of our hearts – a heart that doubts the goodness of God for His own people.
In Psalm 73, we follow the psalmist’s transformation of the heart from envy to praise when he entered the sanctuary. There, he experienced the presence and sovereignty of God and discovered an eternal truth, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

The First Commandment: “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me”

What does the Lord require in the First Commandment of the “Ten Words”? The “difficult” part about this First Commandment is not so much that God demands to be worshipped, but that He demands to be worshipped alone, to the exclusion of all others. Do you find it hard to exclusively worship the Lord while forsaking all others? What are the idols in your life which you love and trust more than God? What are the challenges you face in obeying this First Commandment?

Making The Word Central To Our Faith

What grows our Christian life? Is it merely just attending church meetings? Or is it through hearing amazing testimonies? Essentially, what have been grossly neglected in churches these days is making the Word the centrality of our Christian faith. Only the inspired and infallible Word of God commands absolute authority in our lives, and only with it brings divine power to change the human hearts.

The Significance of The “Ten Words”

Why is the Ten Commandments (the “Ten Words”) so fundamental to our understanding of God, His character and His heart even today? How can it guide our present living and our relationship with God and men?

Learning The Christian Simplicity

We have just entered 2023! While the world world is rushing to catch back their lost time caused by the pandemic, as Christians we must learn the Christian Simplicity. Hear the exhortation by Pastor Vincent about the mystery of God’s divine simplicity, and how as Christian who have come to knowledge and fellowship with Him, we should be simplified and uncomplicated in our lives.

The Saviour Who Came Through Virgin Birth

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Pastor Vincent - 25 December 2022 The Saviour Who Came Through Virgin Birth Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video Facebook Tweet Link Share Link Send Email Powered by Series Engine <Mt 1:18-23> 18 This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant...

Fear The Holy God and Consecrate Yourselves

How can God be loving and dangerous at the same time? Have we been treating God flippantly just because He is gracious? Do we fear God and take His holiness seriously? How then should we consecrate ourselves to worship God and live for His glory?

Shared Leadership and Co-working

No matter how outstanding and strong a leader seems to be, the truth remains that humans are limited. Thus, one person cannot do everything. Are you focusing on the primary calling and essential tasks that God has given you, or are you constantly bogged down by secondary things? Will you be humble enough to accept the advice and help of others? Are you willing to share your leadership authority with suitable people? What should be the criteria for the selection of good leaders?

Sharing The Good News About God

Do you find it easy to talk about God to people around you? What are the obstacles to you sharing the gospel? Do you know what to share about the gospel?

Praying and Fighting the Spiritual Battle

Whether we like it or not, our spiritual enemies will attack us uninvited, catching us unaware. If we do not fight the spiritual battle, we will not have peace, but will only be subject to the constant harassment and assaults by our spiritual enemies. So then, how can we fight and win the spiritual battle?

New Wineskin For New Wine

Jesus spoke about the new wine which could burst the old wineskin. New wine can only be held by the new wineskin. But what is the new wine? Are we able to hold it with our life? Are we living the newness of Christianity, or are we stuck with the oldness of religiosity?

“Why Do You Put The Lord To The Test?”

When we face trials, it is tempting to put God to the test, demand from Him, or even blame Him. However, a crisis of circumstances need not become a crisis of faith. What does it mean by testing God? Why does the Bible tell us not to test God? In our trials today, can we see the spiritual rock – Christ, accompany us?

Are You Looking For Signs?

The Jews often challenged Jesus to show them a sign so that they could believe in Him. The quests for signs and miracles are prevalent in this day of age. And people in doubts or vulnerabilities will tend to succumb to such requests for signs. Yet, is this a legitimate request?

What Is The Condition Of My Temple?

Our souls are temple for the Lord. Yet, is our temple fit for the Lord’s dwelling? When the Lord comes into our temple, we may be surprised to realize that the condition of our soul is actually filled with dirt, soil and stain. And the Lord spares no effort in cleansing it. Find out what the significance of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple of Jerusalem has to do with the Lord cleansing our soul.

Manna, Faith and Obedience

What do we do when we have just enough for the day and have to trust God for new supply of grace the next day? Can we trust God one day at a time, can we be contented with what He gives us? Can we obey His instructions and rest in Him when He tells us to?

“Get Up! Pick Up Your Mat And Walk”

Many of us have lived in long drawn problems. Do you believe that it is possible for God to restore you and lift you up? Understand what it truly means when Christ said to the invalid man of 38 years: ” “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk”. What is true about these words in our life today?

The People’s Grumbling And God’s Grace

It is human tendency to grumble when things don’t go our way. But is it legitimate for us to grumble? How does grumbling offend God? Yet, are we allowed to groan while living in a fallen, sinful and disappointing world? Despite the grumbling of sinners, how does God still show us undeserved grace?

How Do You Respond To The Saviour?

In all of man’s imperfection and sinfulness, have we considered the only One who is perfect and sinless? Have we considered His beauty, even as He lived in this ugly sinful world? God has sent His Son, Jesus to this world, where every workings of this world is against Him. Yet, He magnified His amazing attributes even more in all adversities. So the ultimate conclusion is: How do we respond to Him? Do we just treat Him as a good man, a religious leader, a reformer? Or is He someone we’ve to yield our whole lives to?

Bitter Made Sweet

Have you ever felt perplexed why you sometimes ended up with “bitter water” even as you were led by God? Yet, do you also at the same time see how God sent sufficient grace to sweeten the bitterness? What could be God’s perfect will for bitter waters?

Sing Praises To The Lord

We all need to learn to praise God, because we are by nature grumblers. We tend to complain more than we praise. Do you enjoy singing to God? How have praising God help you remember His past grace and have confidence in His future faithfulness?

The Blindness Of Man

The blindness of men is a condition which our Lord Jesus spoke at length about during His ministry on earth. Have we really asked what have we been so blind about? How did that blindness result in our failure to read the events of this world? And during Jesus’ times, “blindness” was not only being used to describe the condition of the pagans, but more so the religious leaders of His time. So what is the solution for that blindness?

Man’s Real Need

What is Man’s real need? Often, we thought we know what we need. Or we thought we know the source of our problem. Sadly, we are always looking at the symptoms, not the diseases. It is only when we have come to our point of desperation that we come face to face with Jesus. Find out why only Jesus can solve the the root of all our problems.

Go Into The Red Sea, Saved By God’s Way

Prayer is essential to the Christian life. But what if a person keeps praying yet has no actions after that? Especially in matters where God has given clear guidance, will continual praying without action become a form of “delay tactic”? How far have you moved on after prayers? Being believers who have crossed over from death into life in Christ, how much have you been freed from the past bondages?

The Act Involved In Sanctification

In putting off our old self and putting on our new self particularly, we often hear ministers asking people to pray, experience a deliverance, or let go and let God. Yet, are these scriptural at all? The Church must restore teaching believers how to think and act upon the instruction of the Lord. In fact, God don’t command us to do things without enabling us to do so. Find out why the act of sanctification is never to be taken lightly.

Stand Firm, The Lord Will Fight For You

One of the hardest things for us to do is to stand still, especially in the face of dangers. However, sometimes God asks us to simply stand firm and watch how He fights for us. We all love to have God fighting for us. But are we willing to surrender our control and desires and let God fight for us on His terms?

Read God’s Word Yet Not Knowing His Heart?

If God’s word is so important that our lives depend on it, do you think you have understood God’s word correctly? How should we read God’s word? Through the word of God, are you able to understand His heart?

God’s Strange Yet Faithful Guidance

Many a times we may find God’s guidance “strange”. Why did He lead us on a detour when there was a shorter way? Why did He let us go the hard way instead of the easy one? Yet, do we know how much hidden dangers God had helped us evade by that “longer” path? And even if God really gives us the shortest and easiest way, will we surely follow Him?

Consecrate Yourself and Every Firstborn to God

In the relationship between God and His people, God is the major player, who initiates and sustains His relationship with us. Yet, we should have our due response too. God not only redeems His people, but He also wants His redemption to influence and shape our entire lives, such that we live to honor the One who redeemed us. As we commemorate God’s gracious redemption, are we willing to consecrate our lives to Him?

Hope In God During Depression And Misery

The Bible didn’t give us the illusion that after coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, we’ll be free from all troubles. In fact, the Bible gives us a sense of reality where there will be times when we will be downcast and disturbed within us. How do we handle those seasons in our lives? Many have sought help from the wrong place and prolonged their suffering. The Psalmist however has given us the key to those depressive and miserable moments, where he learned to put his hopes in God alone. Find out how our inner man must be made wholesome to trust God in those moments.

Be Humble Or Be Humiliated Before God

It is not easy for us sinners to humble down, whether it is before God or men. For the natural human tendency is to exalt one’s self and insist on one’s own ways, rather than to yield to another being. Therefore, God has to keep humbling men down, reminding them of His sovereignty and superiority. What is your response in the face of the mighty God? Can we gain anything from being stubborn against God?

Christ Is The Head Over Everything For The Church

Does the Church know what is true of Christ is true of her as well? When Jesus sits at the right hand of God at this moment, the Church (mystical body of Christ) sits right there with Him. What does that position mean for the church? Does the church know the security, privilege and mystery of that position? So often, we are trapped in our despairs and miseries because we are ignorant of the benefits that position brings. Find out from this week’s sermon regarding the supremacy of Christ and what does that mean for the Church.

God Saves Us To Sanctify Us

Why did God ask the Israelites not to eat bread with yeast during the Passover and the festival of unleavened bread? What is the significance of “leaven (yeast)” in this case? How does it shed light on God’s heart for us after He saves us? What is God doing in our lives and demanding from us after we received His salvation?

The Importance Of Studying The Word

Studying the Word of God is not only meant for those with an active and intellectual mind. God has created the human mind to understand, reason, and make sense out of things. He has also given us a heart to exercise faith and yield to what we have understood. So God desires us to know Him through the careful studying of His word, and through knowing, yield our hearts to Him.

“When I See The Blood, I Will Pass Over You”

Why was the Passover so important that God even instructed the Israelites to change their annual calendar to mark the Passover month as the first month of their year? And what is so significant about Christ’s blood? Why is it that nothing but the blood of Jesus can save? The answers to these questions are not only important for the Israelites, but they also hold serious implications even for us today.

A Personal Yet Public Faith

In this day of age, and especially if we live in a society like ours which is getting more individualistic, private lives are highly valued. Yet, are we entitled to private Christian lives? Many believers may be surprised that the Bible does not give us such a notion. We are called to a personal faith, yet our faith is also a public one. Find out how as Christians, we should live a personal yet public faith.

Upholding Sexual Purity

How seriously are you guarding your sexual purity? Why is sexual purity so important in the eyes of God and what are the deadly consequences of sexual immorality? Do you feel the pressure or temptation to conform to the social norm on sexual practices? How can we live as God-pleasing believers in a secular and increasingly sexually permissive society?

The Battle Of The Sexes

After the fall, God said to the woman: “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” Find out how that curse is materializing in our spousal relationship today. And let us return to Christ’s Truths for marriage, finding true reconciliation in a God-designed spousal living, which is exemplary of a glorious marriage.

Remember The Teachings Of Your Parents

We know the Bible teaches us to honor our parents, but why is it so difficult for us to take our parents’ teachings to heart? How would listening to parents’ teachings benefit us? What if our parents are non-believers? And what if they have hurt and disappointed us and they didn’t teach us well? Find out from this week’s sermon.

Family Month Message 1: A Stark Reminder For Parents

It is not easy nurturing kids these days. The dynamics between the parent and child relationship has changed so much in the past few decades. Many parents are losing the God-given authority over their children. The amount of influence the internet and social media are having over our kids are enormous. So what should be the Biblical parenting philosophy adopted by parents these days?

Do Not Fall Into The Trap Of Compromise

The evil one is surely no match for God. Thus, when the devil cannot stop us from worshipping God, he deceitfully leads us to traps of compromises, so that we cannot worship God wholeheartedly. What are the 4 traps of compromises that Pharaoh set for Moses and the Israelites, which should also be alarms for us?

Ten Plagues, Same Purpose

Many people pursue signs and wonders, as they think that God’s display of great power can only benefit them. But is it possible that God’s power be terrifying too? The Bible tells us that the plagues Egypt suffered were also “signs and wonders” from God. They were in fact the mighty display of God’s power to judge Egypt for disobeying Him. Can mere man withstand God? If can’t, why not cease our struggle with God and yield to Him?

Holy Saturday 2022: The Debt

We usually understand a debt to be a financial one, but what if the debt is a moral one? And what if that moral debt is against God? Can we do any repayments by doing good works, accumulating merits, or even giving huge financial donations? We are too naive to think we could. So how do we repay a moral debt against the holy eternal God?

Counterfeit Power Is No Match For God

We all love power and we worship God precisely because we think He is powerful to help us, protect us and give us what we want. Yet power can be deceiving and lead us to a wrong faith. So we must consider is every power good and right? Are all powers worth following?

Loving Our Enemies

Loving our enemies could probably be one of the hardest teaching by our Lord Jesus. While it is natural for us to love our loved ones, or to forgive those who hurt us, it is counter-intuitive to love and do good to our enemies. How do we approach this difficult verse without assuming that it is overbearing? What does love demand us to do for our enemies?

How To Make Sense Of Our Weakness?

“Weakness” is an essential quality of men. Yet, the way we manage it is often ironical. We despise our weakness, yet we also like others to resonate with or embrace our weakness. Often times, we also question whether weakness is a sin, or can anything good come out of our weakness? Find out from this week’s teaching by Pastor Vincent Choo, as he gives a very biblical and sincere view on the human weaknesses.

Be Assured Because Of God’s Mighty Hand

We like to hear nice words and sweet promises, but a promise is just a promise unless it can be fulfilled. Thankfully, our God is not just a promise-maker, but also a promise-keeper. His mighty hand will ensure His promises are all delivered. When discouragement hits us and wavers our faith in God’s promises, let us think of God’s mighty hand, so that our feeble hands can be strengthened to continue doing His work.

Not To Be Shaken By Setbacks While Serving God

We tend to assume that things will go well with us when we obey God. Thus, some people were taken aback when their obedience is followed by contradictory outcomes. So how can we face discouraging setbacks and obstacles when we serve God?

How To Face God In My Sins?

Sin causes us to feel condemned when we’ve sinned, yet it also causes us to forget about our sins quickly. Either way, we are not resolving the problem of our sins. Given the reality that we believers still fall into sins easily, how do we still come face to face with the Holy God? Find out from this week’s message, how the mercy of God finds us, even with the sin that so easily entangles.

Obedience After Meeting God

We like to hear God’s voice. If we hear God supporting our plans, we will be thrilled and quick to proceed with what we want to do. But what if God tells us something we do not like to hear or something very hard to do? Do we try to ignore that voice, or procrastinate doing His will? Find out how Moses responded to a divine calling which he was hesitant to accept at first, how God led Moses to embark on his godly mission, and how that relates to our lives.

The World That Keeps Passing Away

What makes the world so alluring to us? What makes us not give up loving it? What drives us to keep chasing after the world to the point we will even sacrifice the things of God without second thoughts? While there are many reasons, yet one of the strongest reasons as revealed by the bible is that something in Man tells him that the world will NOT pass away. Find out how can we counter the love of the World.


We may think we know God, but is our understanding of God based on who He reveals Himself to be, or is it based on our own imagination and definition? The world often makes us care more about many trivialities of life than to be interested to know who God is. But it is most essential for us to know God. When God said, “I AM WHO I AM”, what does this tell us about God and how we should relate to Him?

Do Justice To The Time Given Us

The gospel always points us to the urgency of the unfinished work God has given to each and everyone of us. So “time” is a critical element needed to accomplish those works. With each passing year, we as Christian should feel the enormous responsibility God has given us as an individual and as a church. So let us hear from Pastor Vincent Choo about how we should do justice to the time given us.

Honoring The Lord’s Day

The world is full of unrest, our souls are often in unrest, there is also unrest in some of our interpersonal relationships, and only God can calm our unrest and give us true peace. Thus, God tells us to set aside one day in a week to find rest in the Lord. But is the Old Testament Sabbath still relevant for New Testament believers? Why do modern day Christians worship God on the Lord’s Day (Sunday, first day of the week) instead of on Sabbath (Saturday, seventh day of the week)? What are we suppose to do on the Lord’s Day? Is finding rest in God simply doing nothing? Find out more from this week’s message.

God’s Predestination And Election

The teaching on Predestination and Election is by far the most hotly debated one between the Reformers and Arminians. Yet if you’re a serious Christian who cares about truths doctrine, you can’t sit on the fence with either Reformed or Arminian teaching. By no choice, we’ve to take a stand in this matter in our Christian faith. If not, there will be contradiction in our view of God. Because it’s either God is fully sovereign or partly sovereign. Listen to how Pastor Vincent Choo gives a systematic and holistic view on this age-old controversial topic.

Justification by Grace Alone through Faith Alone

If anyone asks you how can you be sure that you are saved, what will your answer be? What is the basis for a Christian’s justification? What’s the difference between justification and sanctification? How does knowing all these affect our relationship and walk with God?

“So That You May Know Him Better”

Paul’s first and foremost prayer for believers is for them “to know God better”. And this is of paramount importance for genuine Christian faith. Nothing hurts the Church more if ministers bypass solid teachings about God and quickly bring believers to experiential Christianity. A famine in the Church of God will happen if we are not brought to know God holistically through the holy scripture.

Pursuing The Right Knowledge And Power

How well do you think you know God? Do you know God for who He is or simply for what He can offer? Does your knowledge of God translate into real power in your practical living, such that you are able to lead a God-pleasing life? These are important questions to reflect at the beginning of a new year.

Christmas Service 2021: He Came Not Just To Die, But Also To Live

Why is Jesus the main character of Christmas? Why was his coming the only solution for this world of sin? Find out from this wonderful message given by Pastor Vincent Choo about the significance of the King who is born not only to die but also to live.

Born To Bear The Cross

As we celebrate Christmas, we need to remember that what matters more is not the event of Christ’s birth itself, but the reason why Jesus was born. If Jesus was merely born as the glorious, holy and sinless baby, yet He did not come to redeem mankind from the penalty of sins, then His birth would not be meaningful to us. But we thank God that Christ was born precisely to save sinners and die for our sins. How then should we respond in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ?

Tackling Resistance To God’s Calling

Have you ever said “No” to God before? When God presents us with a difficult mission, what is our response? Take it up by faith, or try to dodge it? What are our common excuses to God? How should we overcome our reluctance to serve God?

Confession Of Our Sins

There are many teachings in the bible with regards to confession of sins. Yet, some of us may not know how to do it biblically, some even overdo it. On the other extreme, there are some who claim that Christ’s fulfilment of the cross has voided the need to confess our sins after regeneration. Hear from Pastor Vincent Choo with regards to the critical teachings on confessions of sins.

Failures and God’s Training

Have you been “over-zealous” before, but ended up disappointed with the outcome? Perhaps you have been trying to counsel someone but the other party found you a busybody, or you put in efforts to serve but got hurt in the end, or you thought you were contributing to God’s work but no one appreciated you. What is God’s message for you at such times? How is God training you through these?

Being Rewarded By God

Saint Augustine – It is only by the grace of God that we ever do anything even approximating a good work, and none of our works are good enough to demand that God reward them. The fact that God has decided to grant rewards on the basis of obedience is actually God crowning his own works within us.

God Can Do Far More Than All We Imagine

We do not like to encounter crisis, but often crisis provides the occasion for us to rely on God more and for God to demonstrate His great power. Have you ever experienced God doing more than you imagined? How had God proven you wrong when you acted by fear instead of faith? How had God surprised you when you trusted God against all odds?

The Kingdom That Prevails To The End

While no earthly kingdom last, our Lord Jesus has given us a kingdom that lasts forever. No foreign threats can come against it. No disintegration can happen on the inside either. This kingdom is all powerful and ever expanding today, yet its workings is hidden from the human eye. Find out how we can be involved in the expansion of this kingdom.

The “Greatness” Which The World Does Not Know

Man has been obsessed with greatness. Yet, if there is one thing the bible teaches so thoroughly, it is that human greatness always fall short, because of the presence of SIN. Sin has reduced human greatness to nothing, and make all sorts of greatness fleeting, either by his limitations or weak desires. Yet, there is a form of greatness that Jesus has spoken about, which is eternal and valued by God. Find out what that “greatness” is from this week’s preaching by Pastor Vincent.

Make Your Faith Count

Counting is something we all do instinctively. With the advent of Big Data, there are more ways and reasons to count.
Looking at all the data available in our life, decision-making can easily be reduced to just rational and logical counting with God “conveniently” left out in the equation.
How should believers apply God’s wisdom and exercise our faith when we are confronted with a mountain of data?
And most importantly, above all the counting, have we answered Jesus’ call to count the cost of discipleship?

Dangers Of Being Spiritually Overconfident

The greatest temptation man will ever face is our spiritual complacency when we lose awareness of our vulnerability to all other temptations. Often, we overestimate ourselves and underestimate the devil. Spiritual overconfidence breeds carelessness, and the smallest miscalculation can cause dire consequences. The bible warns us again and again how sinners had fallen because of their overconfidence, yet we never learn. Find out today if our lives reveal tell-tale signs of our spiritual complacency.

The More Oppressed, The More Blessed?

It sometimes seems strange that God’s blessing may look like trouble at first. Yet, the perspective and interpretation to a same matter is important. In fact, what the enemies of God meant as evil, God can easily turn it into a blessing. If God wants to bless His people, who can stop Him? In Exodus, we read about God’s people facing ruthless oppression by the Pharaoh, why did God allow that? How did He still prove His might over man’s schemes? In the face of spiritual battle, how should we stand our ground?

Christians’ Dollars And Sense

The Bible is full of instructions on stewardship of money, and we are reminded that the way we handle money is ultimately a spiritual issue. As Christians, it is important to be sensitive and vigilant of the influence of sins on our views on money, and our hearts disposition towards it. These, coupled with the threats of materialism, often make both Christians and non-Christians struggle to properly manage their finances, or to be contended in it. Unless we restore a biblical attitude and pursuit towards our stewardship of money, it is difficult to present a righteous alternative to the fallen world on matters concerning money.

Is It Good Enough To Want To Be Good?

Morality bothers everyone of us. The wish to see good, and the need to be seen as good is intrinsically built into us. However, do we really know what is good? And are we able to do the good we desire to? Find out from the bible about what is the root problem with Man’s morality.

The Unbelieving Among The Believing

Many churches have adopted strategies and programs to draw more crowd into their midst without realizing the subtle danger of having its congregation being overwhelmed with unbelievers. Before long, the church teachings and runnings will be pressurized to suit carnality than spirituality. Does the bible give us warning to such phenomenon? Are there any principles given to us in running the visible church? How do we reconcile evangelizing and nurturing people in the church?

Continuation Of God’s Covenant Blessings

Have you ever wondered whether good things will continue and whether God will still remember to bless you tomorrow? We are often laden with all kinds of worries about our future, and sometimes when we look at our situations, we can’t help but question how God can possibly still fulfil His promise to us. What has the Bible to say about such concerns? How can the contents of Genesis and Exodus relate to God’s faithfulness to us?

The Gospel VS The Latest

The world is always paying attention to the latest things. However these new things do not last and will not truly satisfy us. Sometimes it can even distract us from what is true and eternal. While the gospel is not the latest news, it is the Good News. It is also eternally new as it will not be superseded, yesterday, today or tomorrow. There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Having Self Discipline

Why should Christians have self-discipline? How is it different from disciplines that is advocated by the world? Understand what self-discipline can accomplish for us in our Christian walk.

The Need For Solitude And Community

Are you someone who prefers to be alone or hang out with people? Does time alone draw you closer to God, or lead you deeper into certain temptations or loneliness? Bonhoeffer ever said, “Let him who cannot be alone beware of community. Let him who is not in community beware of being alone.” Do you sometimes feel that as long as you get the support you need from the Christian community, you do not need to pray so much to God yourself? Or do you feel that you do not need to be in a Christian community because you can build good relationship with God on your own?

All Is Not Lost! God Restores!

Do we see that we are actually experiencing spiritual drought in our lives? Do we see “locusts” eating up our lives over time? Beyond the glamour and prosperity of this world, do we see our land or even the churches being wasted and withered? We are unconsciously living in a state of hopelessness. However, the Lord had brought about divine interventions for us. Let us learn more through the book of Joel.

Trusting God In Our Perplexities

As Christians, we often grapple with some existential issues, in particular why bad things happen to God’s people, or why didn’t God shield His people from cruelty of wickedness? Through a short survey on the book of Habakkuk, may we deal with life’s perplexities rightly by bringing it God, trusting, and waiting in God who works out all things for God’s glory – even though things are at times beyond our comprehension. The righteous will live by faith, and this summaries the path of life God sets for His people.

The Risk To Be Taken By Christians

Risk exists in almost all human activities. And risk increases especially with volatile or uncertain situations. Most people’s mentality is to minimize risk. In fact, if given a choice, no one wants to take risk. However, what if God instructs us to take risk? Those risk will be worth taking. Why? Because if it is from the Lord, it will always trigger an overwhelming and abundant response from Him. Find out how this is so.

Counterintuitive and Sufficient Grace of God

We have always heard that there is no free lunch in the world. Thus, we tend to get very suspicious of deals which are too good to be true. Also, we are very used to the idea of “earning for our rewards”, so it feels strange when we do not have to put in efforts to attain something precious. That is why God’s grace is so counterintuitive to the human mind. How is the gospel counterintuitive? How is Jesus enough for all human needs? Find out more through this message.

Jesus Came For His Lost Sheep

What is the significance of the shepherd leaving aside ninety-nine sheep in search of that one lost sheep? What does that tell us about our Great Shepherd (Lord Jesus) relationship with every of His chosen ones? And once a sheep is lost and found, what happens to it from then on? Let us truly know who our Lord is, and what did He do for us through the parable of the lost sheep.

Fear The Vengeance Of The Lord

Sometimes, we have heard so much about God’s love that we’ve forgotten that God does take vengeance upon every injustice. The fact that God takes vengeance upon injustice is not only a stark reminder for us to fear the Lord, but also for us to take comfort in the Lord if we’ve been victimized innocently. Find out how our righteous God exercises his vengeance and his power to repay is not to be reckoned with.

Reconciliation and God’s Sovereign Goodness

One important theme in the Bible is reconciliation – reconciliation with God, with men, as well as the mission of bringing men to reconciliation with God. Are you already reconciled with God? On the foundation of our reconciliation with God, are we also reconciled with men? One key to reconciling with those who have hurt us is to trust in the sovereign goodness of God, but can we believe that God is sovereign yet good at the same time, especially when seemingly bad things happen to us?

Learn To Take Wise Counsel

Listening to the wrong advice could be one of the pitfalls in our life. Sometimes, if there was ever a regret in our life, it is usually not just because we’ve made a wrong decision, but it could be that we have listened to the wrong counsel prior to that. And with the world interconnected now, people are giving unsolicited opinions and advices. So it is important that we learn to take wise counsel in our life. Find out how the Bible instructs us in this area.

What Is Your Plea In The Face Of Christ’s Power?

Knowing and confirming the omnipotence of God is critical to our faith as it shapes who we will ultimately trust and rely on. God’s supremacy is clearly displayed in the Gospels in the account where Jesus overpowers a legion of demons and sends them into a herd of pigs. In the story, we can also see God’s goodness in His mercy for the demon-possessed man.
However, the people who witnessed and heard about this amazing deliverance decided that Jesus should leave their community. In the face of Christ’s power and goodness, will our response be like these people? Or will we commit our lives to Jesus?

It Is Good To Bear Christ’s Yoke

In a world where instant gratification and quick successes are highly sought after, how do we recalibrate our spiritual perspective to see the value in certain burdens and labouring hard on the works that the Lord has set forth for us? Let us expound the verse from Lamentations 3:27, on the true meaning of goodness for a person “to bear the yoke while he is young”.

Jacob Blesses His Sons

There are a few important realities we cannot ignore: the certain eventual death of every man, the definite consequences of sins and the uniqueness of every person. How can the story of a dying Jacob blessing his different sons according to what was appropriate to them also present a noteworthy lesson for all of us? How does the grace of God play out in the death of his saints, in giving blessings to those who repent from sins, and in uniting people with different gifts and inheritance?

Living As Committed Christians In This World Today

We live in a world that promotes keeping options opened. Such non-committal spirit is also prevalent in church and our faith living, diverting Christians from an authentic Christian living. As children of God, we need to return to biblical integrity and understand what it means to live as committed Christians who glorify God. It is counter-cultural and unpopular, but it’s the way to a fruitful and genuine Christian living.

Dealing With The Weaker Brethren

Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has been copied to your clipboard; paste it anywhere you would like to share it. Close Pastor Vincent - 14 August 2021 Dealing With The Weaker Brethren Watch Listen Download Audio Download Video   Powered by Series Engine Introduction: * A Church where brethren see more of one another will also face the reality of each other’s weaknesses.   * As a church grow, it is inevitable that we will encounter weaker brethren in the midst of us. * Every...

Feeding On Jesus, The Bread Of Life

The word “faith” has been so loosely used in the Christian world. Sometimes it could be easily perceived as a form of self confidence, or the audacity to make bold claims with a scripture verse. The Lord Jesus however depicted true faith in Him as feeding on Him? Why can’t faith in Christ isn’t just as simple as a mental approval of His divinity? Find out from Pastor Vincent the significance of feeding on Jesus, without which no one can truly receive eternal life.

Testifying God’s Faithfulness

Our typical human nature tends to complain when we meet misfortunes in life, but have God proven your despair and unbelief wrong in the end? Have He surprised you with grace you didn’t imagine? Through the many testimonies of biblical characters, we are reminded that though they also had their share of adversities and despairing moments, God kept His promises to them ultimately. How about your own testimony? Are you able to confirm God’s faithfulness in your life and share those testimonies with people around you?

Leading As A Follower Of Christ

To lead or not to lead? That is not a question for believers. God has called us to be “rulers over the works of His hands” and we are to be stewards of His creation. As faithful servants, we must be prepared to lead – starting from leading a godly life, to leading our family and work teams, and leading others to Christ. As the world flaunts the greatness of its godless leadership models, believers must go deeper into the Scripture to find freedom and empowerment in a Christ-centred steward leadership model.

When God Puts Us To The Test…

Tests are common in our lives. Yet, when tests are given by God, how should we understand and respond to it? Let us understand the significant of God’s test, especially the difficult ones, and how it will definitely be beneficial in our lives, though we may seem to fail terribly in the process.

The Reality Of Mental Illness

The Church in general is mindful about the rise of mental illness but remain inconclusive about its causality and intervention. What it is doing at best now is to combine both science and religion in dealing with it. Some in the church think that mental illness is a physiological problem that needs medical intervention. Some think that is the cause of demonic activity that needed to be delivered by prayers and programs of deliverance. Yet, what does the Bible really says about it? Hear from Pastor Vincent Choo about his take on mental illness through his intentional study of the scripture.

In The Waiting Room

As much as we hate to wait, in reality, each of us is in some kind of waiting. Waiting can be draining and disheartening, so we sinners tend to take things into our own hands, which are often regretful. In Isaiah 40:31, the bible says that for those who wait upon the LORD, their strength will be renewed. With this promise, waiting can be hopeful and glorious. God is never too late nor too early; His well-timed grace is more precious than what we think we need.

Wobbly Idols, Steady God

What is the most dangerous sin that we need to guard ourselves against, which the Bible repeatedly warn us about? Is God’s presence a blessing or trouble for you? What if you sometimes secretly feel in your heart that God seems to have lost – lost to sin, suffering, the world’s culture, people who do not fear Him?

The Brevity Of Human Life (Time)

Have you considered the possibility of your own or others’ death? In Asian culture we are in, death is such an unpleasant topic, so much so that we sugarcoat it at times or avoid the topic completely. But the Bible has never kept us ignorance about our death, neither did God sugarcoat it. Human life is shorter than we know, and often full of toil and trouble. As the psalmist prayed, we truly need to restore the earnest prayer of “numbering our days, so that we may get a heart of wisdom.”

Blessed To Bless

It is simplistic to think that God’s people will be exempted from troubles in life. Christians are also hit by global crisis, such as the current pandemic, but are you able to confirm how God is showing you special care despite the difficult situation you are in? As you taste more of God’s blessings, are you also more willing to be a channel of blessing to others, showing them God’s kindness and glory?

How To Be In This World But Not Of It?

The big idea of “we are in the world but not of it” has become a cliché in the Christian world. But the key is “HOW?”. Many believers have developed their own standards or way of living that “not of the world” kind of faith. Yet, they may have missed what the Bible clearly taught in this sense. Find out from this week’s sermon about “HOW” to live God pleasing life in this world facing its practicalities.

Combating Boredom

Are you someone who is easily bored? Do you feel increasingly listless and isolated especially with the Covid restrictions? Though it may sound petty to be complaining about boredom, can you identify some real dangers of boredom? What if you also find God a bore and prayers unexciting? How then can we combat boredom so that our lives can be joyful and meaningful again?

A Different Kind Of Love In Christ

The Christian love is one that transcends familial ties. The thought that we, the Church, are set apart from the world as a group of people, given the heavenly hope, this kind of relationship is unique and exclusive in nature. Yet, how do we really live out this love relationship with our fellow brethren?

The Gospel And Racism

We know that racism is wrong, but why is it wrong in view of biblical reasons? While the world offers its solutions like government programs and public education, how should we deal with racism in the biblical way? Lastly, should we be forthcoming about the deeply entrenched problems of each different race?

Sinful Man Fleeing A Merciful God

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A Godly Man, A Godly Father

In the last days where wickedness abounds, is it possible for one to be faithful in his walk with God? Is it possible for godly families to be raised? The bible showed us that where sin increased, grace increased all the more. God has His voice for every generation, can you hear Him today? If you do, God will certainly raise you up to bless many around you, including your loved ones.

Uncertain Move With God’s Assurance

What does it mean to have a God who is always with us and who is for us? One assurance is that whenever we seek Him with our heart, especially in times of uncertainty, He will be found by us to provide us with timely answer and help. Importantly, since we belong to this one true and faithful God, we should not be influenced by the religions and cultures of the world, but be set apart for Him.

Understanding Homosexuality

The modern church is caught in a great dilemma in dealing with the homosexuals today. While the Bible is clear about the reprobation of the homosexual’s practices, it is also at the same time, calling us to seek their redemption and healing. So what is it that love demands us to do for the homosexuals?

Finding Assurance In Uncertainties

Most people view ‘uncertainty’ as a bad thing, because people in general do not like ambiguity, but we like to know what to expect, and be in control. When we cannot have control over our lives, we feel frustrated. But instead of giving us control and clarity, God wants to give us a better gift — God Himself. Are you feeling worried and fearful because of uncertainties? How can you find assurance in the face of uncertainties?

Emotions And Emotionalism

Being able to express our emotions freely and rightly gives us our humanity. Yet, one of the tragedy in today’s church is an overdoes of it. Emotionalism arises as one of the greatest enemy of the 21st century church. Increasingly, psychological skills are being used to draw big crowds into churches. Find out about the pitfalls of emotionalism and how believers must avoid it at all cost.

What Are You Planning For?

While we are embroiled in planning for our future, did we actually plan for eternity? Find out why we are morally liable for the plans we have for ourselves, and how should we really plan our lives as believers of God.

The Secret To Forgiveness

We all have been wounded in big or small ways, sometimes people looked down on us, sometimes they took advantage of us, sometimes they forgot about us, and sometimes words of hate turn into actions of harm against us. How should we deal with these? God calls us to love even our enemies, which includes forgiving others. But what if we still struggle to forgive? In fact, forgiveness is at the heart of Christianity. To forgive may be a hard thing to do, but it brings greatest freedom.

Honoring Our Parents

Our relationship with our parents is one which cannot be severed, and God values this relationship enough to include it in the Ten Commandments, telling us to honor our father and our mother. The dynamics between us and our parents also change as we grow from young children to adult children. While it is easier to obey our parents when we were young, when we grow older, more independent and capable, there is this possibility of despising our aged parents. What about those parents who hurt us, or parents who are not believers? Why and how should we honor our parents?

Testing For Transformation

The God we worship is a living God, and His word is also alive and effective. Thus, if anyone claims to believe God’s word, he will have some kind of life transformation over time. God gave us certain tests and trials in our lives so that we are convinced that we must fully trust Him and be God-driven, instead of stubbornly choose to trust our own wisdom and ways. Because He wants to use us, He will test us, to see if our faith is real and submission is sincere. When God tests us, can we pass the tests, and can He find true transformation in us?

Work and Marriage

With the introduction of modern ideas like career advancement, woman’s aspiration, working round the clock through digital connection, societal suggestions about what is significant and what is the not-so-significant work and such, the biblical man and woman’s designated role in a marriage seems to be irrelevant. How can Christian marriages still stay intact and healthy with the changing nature of work in this era?

Building A Blessed And Godly Family

Family is our most important human relationship. Yet, it can go both ways; the dearest family can be God’s channel of strength and comfort to us, but at the same time, the devil also often uses the family to attack us. Family is the closest relationship, but precisely because of that proximity, it is also the relationship in which the weakest and ugliest side of humans is shown most easily and hurts most intensely. Thus, we need to understand how to restore a blessed family relationship in Christ.

What Is The Will Of God?

The most often asked question by Christians is probably: “What is the will of God?” Yet, the incorrect way to answer this question is to cherry pick some scripture verses, or regard some desired outcomes as the definite will of God. In this sermon, Pastor Vincent teaches us how to understand the will of God systematically and comprehensively. Find out how by knowing the will of God, will actually give you answers, even in your most grievous and painful situation.

God’s Discipline, Man’s Repentance

Sometimes, even though evil seems to get its way temporarily, God will eventually prove that He is just and will bring about judgment for sin. For those who have done wrong yet did not repent, even if they do not see any ‘bad’ consequences yet, they will still have a strange, subtle fear within them. Whenever something unpleasant happens to them, they may wonder if that is God’s punishment for them. Unless there is real repentance followed by concrete transformation, they will always be accused and gripped by fear.

For Those Whom God Foreknew

Many Christians think that “foreknowledge” is this, i.e, God from the eternal past is looking down the tunnel of time, and then He saw how each and every individual man will react to the salvation presented by His Son, Jesus Christ, and God will then make a reciprocal will to predestine them unto Salvation. Find out why is this a totally erroneous view of both “foreknowledge” and “predestination”.

Responding To God’s Revelation

We are generally curious about our future and God’s plan. But why do we really want to know God’s revelation or word? Is it because we want to obey God and adjust our plans around His? Or will we think of ways to escape from God’s plan after knowing that it is different from ours? In fact, when God reveals His will and plan to man, He meant to bring about a blessed response from man, for man to repent, turn to Him, submit to Him and share the good news of salvation to others. Can you discern God’s will today, and how do you respond to it?

Before The Cross Of Jesus

Before the Calvary Cross, the greatest salvation was accomplished through the most horrific and brutal execution. God has bought the souls of men with the greatest price, yet today many have cheapened God’s grace thinking that anyone who is in church, or had some encounters with God are set on a path to heaven. Yet the scene before the Cross tells us otherwise. As the Lord says: “Many are invited, but few are chosen”.

Wait On Others While Waiting For God

Often, people find it reasonable to be immersed in self-pity when life turned against them. Yet, self-pity only paralyses a person and makes one more upset. One effective way of diverting away from self-pity is to attend to others’ needs rather than focus on our own suffering. Even if we are forgotten for the kindness we have shown, God will surely remember us and fulfill His glorious will on us.

Loved and Chosen by God

There are two erroneous teachings with regard to salvation in the church today. One of which gives false assurance, while the other advocates justification by merits. We must avoid both pitfalls. Let us go back to the Bible to find true assurance that we are loved and chosen in Christ.

Seduced But Not Snared

In a fallen sinful world, temptations keep coming at us through relentless invitation, persuasion and aggression. Although we cannot control if temptations will strike us unwarned, we can choose to resist them when they come. Particularly, how can we guard ourselves from sexual temptation and not be seduced by it nor stumble others?

Deceiving and Being Deceived

Most people standard of judgment of what is said is true is as long it sounds right. For example, as long a sermon sounds resonating or a prophecy sounds pleasing, then it should be fine. Yet often times, we didn’t examine to see if it matches the sum of truth of God’s word. As deception continue to infiltrate the church and many believers mind, it is important to recognize who are the ones deceiving and are being deceived.

Greatest Blessing: “God Is With Us”

Are you able to see that God is with you, even in hard times? What impact does God’s presence have on you? The Bible tells us that, “the Lord was with Joseph and he became a successful man”. Does God define success and prosperity in the same way as the world? If it is different, how different? How should Christians measure success? What happens if you make the source of all blessings – Jesus the Overseer of your life?

Festive Mission and Watchfulness

Chinese New Year is perhaps the most important holiday to the Chinese. Yet, while we celebrate, we also need to be watchful for the various forces of idols which work especially hard to capture people’s hearts and minds during this festive season. When things are happy, we tend to let our guard down, but we need to know that there is spiritual battle behind the beautiful new clothes, festive feasts and happy atmosphere. The happy mood must not distract us from God’s purpose, which is to seize the opportunity to show God’s love and share the gospel to our loved ones.

The “Why and How” of Holy Communion

Some of the most intense theological battles were fought in church history with regards to Holy Communion. Some have even developed skewed doctrine pertaining to the Sacrament. Yet, the underlying reason could be that the Church is concerned about the life and worship involved in its observance. Find out why is the Holy Sacrament important to our Christian living, and how it should be observed.

Grace In Holiness, Holiness In Grace

Do you feel divine grace is out of reach to you? The gospel tells us God extends His grace even to undeserving sinners, and where sin increased, grace increased all the more. But does such grace mean we can feel free to sin more? Certainly not! For God is also holy, and He judges and disciplines sinners.

No Illusion About Comfort In This Life

We all wish to rest from what we deem as laborious. If we ask the question: “Why are we working so hard now?”, the simple answer is so that hard work will end. Yet, why did the Apostle Paul labour till the end of his life? What is so important about laboring that is so glorious? Why shouldn’t we be brought over by the comfort which the World yearns for if we are living an authentic Christian life?

The Need To Be Sober-Minded

To be sober is not just a suggestion, but it is the command of the Lord. Both the Apostle Peter and Paul had given compelling instructions to believers about being sober, and more so in times of trials. Let’s understand what “sobriety” truly means for the Christians.

Resolve To Live A Holy Life

If to be consecrated means to be different, then we need to ask if we truly dare to be different from the world, even when it may come with persecutions? Would we rather be socially acceptable, or God-acceptable? God wants us to start the year right with a consecrated and holy heart. Consecration is not a one-time resolution but a lifetime lifestyle. Even if we are already believers who are serving God, we need to guard ourselves from a “typical” Christian living, which is not what consecration is about. So how can we restore a consecrated lifestyle and serving?

Be Holy And Consecrated

Most people are not so much interested in being holy. Rather, they are more concerned with being happy. Yet, there is a definite link between holiness and happiness, for only when we are right with God then we can taste true and lasting joy. Thus, blessed children of God will pursue holiness. So what does holiness mean? Are we consecrated? How do we know? How can we sustain a consecrated living?

Blessed But Betrayed

We often imagine that to be blessed by God means a comfortable life without suffering. Yet, a promise of blessing does not exempt believers from troubles. God sometimes has a way of keeping His blessings under cover and His providence hidden. However, whatever our circumstances may be, God is always in control, planning for our good and His glory.

Knowing Our Sins

One of the most dangerous things in the church today is that the doctrine of sin is not well taught. Many in the church are beginning to shun messages that give the suggestions of sin. Rather, they love messages that speak about societal issues, morality, or what works for them. Or they embrace messages that boost their self confidence by telling them how loved and favored they are in Christ. Yet the reality is they are nowhere near the kingdom of God if they do not know their sins. Find out why is this critically so.

Go Back To The Lord!

In our Christian walk, we may come to a point where we are not as excited or interested about God like before. Perhaps the word of God starts to sound boring, or we feel very tired of serving, or the world seems more attractive to us than ever. We need to purify our lives from any idols, beliefs, pursuits, selfish desires, etc, that are ‘foreign’ to the Christian faith. Like Jacob, we all have our “Bethel moment” with God, where we encountered Him in a very real and intimate sense. May God help us find back our first love for Him and enjoy walking sweetly with Him again.

About Speaking In Tongues

Tongues speaking has been a much controversial topic in the church today. Why is it so? What are some of the critical arguments we need to know about tongues? And what is the new tongue that Jesus had commanded all Christians to speak?

Crisis Arising From Not Obeying God Fully

Some people may think that partial obedience is good enough, at least it is better than not obeying at all. Compared to the accusations that arise from outright disobedience, partial obedience can make us battle less with whatever is displeasing to God, because we won’t feel as guilty after obeying a little and we think it is enough to satisfy God. Yet, partial obedience is still disobedience. We give the devil a foothold when our obedience is incomplete. God will also discipline His people who do not obey Him fully, so as to bring them back to His wonderful plan and love.

The Holy God, A Holy Life

The World may sneer at us (believers) for being holy. Even most Christians nowadays do not wish to be seen as holy. They rather be seen as wise or loving. Yet in fact, one of the very direct instruction from God to His people is: “Be holy, for I am holy”. Learn what true holiness is, and why it should even precede our understanding of grace.

Reconciliation Of Brothers

Relationship is a huge part of human life and a broken relationship always pains us. How do you usually deal with tensions in relationships? Whether we are the offending or offended party, what does God tell us about seeking reconciliation and extending forgiveness?

Holy Spirit, The Comforter

There has been so much confusions and chaos in the Church’s understanding of the Holy Spirit nowadays. This is brought about by experiences that went beyond the revelation of the Bible, and from there, comes far-fetched doctrines about the work of the Holy Spirit. Let us be mindful that teachings that misunderstanding the Holy Spirit may lead us down a slippery road in our faith. Listen to Pastor Vincent’s clear teachings about the 3rd Person of the Trinity and restore a clear and unadulterated understanding about Him.

Wrestle With God and Prevail

What do you usually do in your moments of fears and doubts? Do you rely more on your own strength, or sink into helpless lament, or do your problems drive you to draw closer to God, who has all the answers and power? Is prayer your last resort after all other options were exhausted and failed? Or is prayer your first response in handling life situations and problems? In your prayers, do you struggle in order to ask God to accede to your requests, or do you wrestle so that you can eventually submit to His will?

Having The Right Zeal

Some church goers said they used to be zealous but no longer so now. What went wrong? Have they really been zealous for God in the first place? How about some whose zeal has totally went the wrong way? Find out why “zeal” is an attribute which Christians should possess, and yet why we should also be extremely careful about it going the wrong way.

Go Back To The Promised Land

Even if we know God is good, many hurdles stand between us and God as we seek to follow Him. The world is always offering attractive deals, or conversely, threats, to keep us far from God. Thus, God is constantly beckoning those whom He loves to go back to Him, to return to His promises and plan for them. Sometimes, both faith and fear dwell within a believer. On the one hand, we trust that God is good, yet on the other hand, we fear that if we do not do things our way or the world’s way, we may lose out. The more we confirm God’s faithful protection over us, the more our faith can outweigh our fears.

The Restraining Work Of God

Someone asked: “Pastor, what is the worst thing God can do to a sinner besides sending them to hell?” The answer to that is: “When God doesn’t restrain that person anymore”. Find out why the loving God has to restrain us.

God’s Unconventional Blessings

We often have a fixated idea of what constitutes a good life and what blessings mean. We may also have a rigid mindset of how blessings should come, preferably in an easy, comfortable, painless and quick way. Yet sometimes, God breaks our typical expectations, only to surprise us with His unconventional blessings. Indeed, what God has prepared for those who love Him are “what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” <1 Co 2:9>.

Understanding And Resolving Anger

Some of us have been angry, frustrated and bitter all our lives, and we saw how that volatile emotion have hurt ourselves and our loved ones. Some may be moderate and do not seem to be struggling with violent temperament, but anger could be one of the most common and even powerful attributes we human being possess. We could have in many ways fall into anger knowingly or unknowingly in just a day of our lives. Find out the common causes of anger and how to deal with it.

Mercy In The Mess

Brokenness abounds in a sinful world. Every corner we turn, we can observe broken relationships, shattered hopes, crushed self-esteem, messy lives, etc. Having a broken relationship with God, fallen humans lack the capacity to love perfectly and live in holiness, thus multiplying the brokenness in the world. Yet, the living God still works within the mess, to demonstrate His mercy. God’s people may not be perfect but they are redeemable. If we look to Him in our brokenness, He can ultimately turn our pains into praise.

Discipline for the Loved, Grace for the Unloved

God’s love is holistic and comes to us just the way we need it. When we are on the wrong path, God’s love is shown through His discipline, so that we can follow Him in the right way again. Yet, when we are disappointed in life and feel as if we are forgotten, unloved, inferior, God comes to us with His awesome grace to comfort us and lift us up. We may feel our lives are not at the ideal state yet, but God is progressively fulfilling His good work and promises to us. Let us find strength in His unfailing love!

Finding Meaning In Our Lives

The quest for meaning (significance) is built into our humanness. Everyone of us deep down in our hearts, yearn to be valuable, useful, and that our existence means something to someone. Yet, what is the true meaning of our lives?

“Surely The Lord Is In This Place, And I Did Not Know It”

One great promise of God to His people is “I am with you”. This promise can strengthen our heart and give it rest, whenever we believe. Yet, the truth that “God is with us” is also one that is hard for us to be conscious of moment by moment. For we are more often preoccupied with things in front of us – the immediate pleasures, deadlines, things to do, persons we are facing, etc, than to be mindful of God’s presence. Have you ever encountered God personally? He is with you right where you are, even in your ordinary and mundane circumstances. Open your spiritual eyes to see Him now and find rest in following Him!

Dealing With Diversity, Economy and Fear

A National Day message preached by Pastor Vincent on how to use the biblical lens to see some of the critical issues faced by Singapore and Christian political leaders. May this message help us to pray for our nation practically, and to have good grasp of national and world issues at hand.

Human Weakness Cannot Thwart God’s Plan

Are Christians all of worthy and holy character? People expect them to be. Yet, when we look at the Bible, we may be surprised that many of God’s chosen and blessed people also fall short of a godly character. Today, as with ancient people of faith, we also have many lingering weaknesses even after believing in God. Thankfully, God remains faithful to fulfil His promises in spite of human failings. By His grace, His chosen people will both be blessed as promised but also be disciplined for not fully trusting and obeying Him.

The Pulse Of The Church

What should be the pulse of the Church? What strengthens the Church and keeps it going indefinitely despite trials, temptations and deceptions? Find out why you should be praying earnestly for your church in these times.

Grace-Enabled Diligence

As life gets easier now with technology and Internet, are we also becoming more used to comfort and less inclined toward hard work? Some people may think that receiving God’s redemptive grace means they can take life easy without exerting any effort. No doubt, salvation is by God’s grace alone without any human factor. Yet, God’s grace has an effect, which is to enable us to work hard on what He wills. On the contrary, if we are lazy and idle, we will tempt the devil to lead us astray. So is the grace of God taking effect on us? Are we working hard for the Lord and with His help? What are some hindrances to our diligence? Do we see the joy and blessings of grace-enabled diligence?

Will You Finish Well?

If you consider your past 6 months in Year 2020, would you say you are doing well and will be finishing well for the year? We all desire to finish well, yet what are some obstacles to that? How then can we finish well, pleasing God and having no regrets? Find out from this week’s message.

Comfort And The Cross

Sometimes, living in a comfortable environment may make one resistant to even little inconveniences, but just wish to remain in the comfort zone. In fact, comfort can easily make us spiritually drowsy; it can put to death our God-loving heart and stir up the desires of our flesh. Jesus clearly told His disciples to take up their cross daily. Yet, what cross is there to carry in comfort? Thus, we need to be intentional about carrying the cross even in comfort. Otherwise, our flesh, the world and the devil will devour us. Conversely, if we carry our cross in the comfortable society we are in, God will use us and work through our prayers and lives to influence and bless the people around us.

Family And Society

We often think of the family as one unit and the society as another. The family is managed with love and affection, while the society operates using law and human morals. The family is a place with love, while the society is a place to work and earn money. However, in today’s flourishing online world, if we do not intentionally use the Word of God to protect our family’s ideology, and use the teachings of the Lord to raise our children, we will soon see our own family being assimilated with the social environment.

Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain

On our journey toward sanctification, one of the most difficult things to achieve is “contentment”. Some people feel that having more materially is good, but they do not realise that their “discontentment” causes them to face great obstacles in pursuing godliness and loving the Lord. Because of their discontentment, they often fall into needless sorrows. The joy that Christians should have is often taken away from their hearts. Therefore, we must truly understand why the apostle said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

The Gospel Is Not A Social Gospel

In the whole of history, the church has two missions. One is to protect the purity of the gospel; the second is to preach the gospel of saving souls. Martin Luther said, “If we preach the gospel clearly and courageously, we will certainly be persecuted.”

Facing Sickness and Death

The Bible not only gives us the assurance of eternal life in Christ, but also the assurance of how we should walk to the end of our lives. In particular, when we are facing the reality of some sickness, or perhaps the disease is not that serious to cause us to lose our lives, but it brings a lot of inconvenience to us and those around us. At that time, how should we face such suffering with the understanding of the Lord’s word? Let us get the answer in this aspect from Paul’s experience today.

The Time Set By God

If we are people who have eternal life, our every moment now is very precious. Even if we go through the vicissitudes of time on earth, we will see the significance of time, and will constantly use every moment to exchange for eternal blessings.

The Worth Of Kinship

Kinship itself is inseparable, and cannot be bought with material possessions, nor can it be explained by reason. Therefore, whether you are a blissful person is not about how accomplished you are or how many friends you have, but it is about whether you and your closest family members love one another.

Living On Earth Yet Seeking The Things That Are Above

The result of seeking the things that are above is to manifest the will of the heavenly God in everything that is done on earth. Thus, if we want to be truly spiritual, we must first understand how to live out the heavenly mystery on earth, so that people around us can see Christ through our actions and give glory to our heavenly Father.

The Spirit Helps Us In Our Weakness

Weakness and inability is inherent in our nature, but the help of the Holy Spirit is the promise and method God has given us. Blessed are those who master this secret! Because they will then be able to declare like the apostle, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” <2 Co 12:10>

Why Did Calamity Come? When Will It End?

The two most common questions asked by people when sufferings and problems come. What is God trying to do through this whole calamity? Let us find out through this message and realign our understanding with God’s heart.

Let Us Live Up To What We Have Already Attained

In the lesson of faith, if there are no trials of many kinds, faith certainly cannot possibly move to the stage of being mature and complete. However, whenever practical trials come, we will face the spiritual battle that no one desires. Especially, with this pandemic, our faith is constantly being refined and tested. Perhaps the majority view and sentiment hopes that believers do not even meet in groups of ten and below. Certainly, not everyone can withstand such pressure, but the Lord’s word tells us, “Let us live up to what we have already attained.”

You Are Blessed By The Lord

“Blessed by God”, yet our circumstances do not seem to match this? What is the definition of “blessing”? How would a child of God be blessed?

Jacob and Esau: A Look into God’s Election and Human Folly

Which comes first in salvation? Did we first believe in Jesus thus we are saved? Or were we first elected by God thus we could be saved in the end? From the example of Jacob and Esau, it is clear that salvation first came from God rather than any human factor. But while God offers grace, let us not be foolish to miss out on His grace. Often, when we exaggerate our needs and feelings and pursue instant gratification, we fall into folly. But the word of God can make us wise for salvation. Thus, may we treasure the word of God and take it seriously, so that we can stay on the course of wisdom.

New Command To Love

Love is not a new topic for believers. Yet as we lead our lives, our definition of love, as God would have it, can be easily distorted, misunderstood, and instead of being a glorious tool for us to glorify God and love men, becomes experiences that is against our spirit. Let us reexamine what God means by His command to love.

Facing Guilt In Inevitable Circumstances

The problem of guilt exists in the human hearts since the fall of men. It is guilt that brings fear actually. Yet when unforeseen undesirable situation arises, causing some unintended consequences, how do we set ourselves free from guilt then? With the Coronavirus striking the churches and society today, we see people reacted with both guilt and fear. How do Christians overcome our inner struggles?

Let No One Be Stumbled Because Of The Epidemic

As we go through this epidemic, some of our strengths may be revealed, while some of our weaknesses may show. This allows us to understand each other more, and act on the love from God. May none of us be stumbled by this epidemic.

The Epidemic Differentiates And Strengthens People

This epidemic truly differentiates people. When you are in crisis and you have to make a decision, we have to wrestle it through our hearts. This comes with a price but God will surely lead and bear responsibilities. God hears our prayers.

God’s Great Mercy Will Be Shown In The Epidemic

It is where the problem starts, that at the very same place, God’s people will be awaken and God’s mercy is revealed. As the plague continues, let us call out to God and He will show His mercy.

Having Nothing, Yet Possessing Everything

Living in Singapore, we are used to living in comfort, and many believers seek for prosperity and peace. Therefore, when we hear about an epidemic, fear and panic easily enters our hearts, losing assurance and perspective. Many fail to see that God is still blessing, using and renewing His churches. Why is that so? Because our Christian faith has become one-dimensional. When things are good, we rejoice. When things are bad, we are without direction and answers. Therefore, let us look to the scriptures that the Apostle Paul  has revealed on how God gives glory to His people through the path of a paradoxical Christian faith.

Fake News- More Destructive Than The Epidemic

Many people have different analysis and deductions about matters of this virus. People tend to believe those information that are more inclined to their personal views. Amidst these overload of information, what perspectives should believers have? Do we see the motives of Satan behind these fake news?

Relationship Is More Important Than The Epidemic

God created us with feelings for all the different relationships we have. These human relationships help us respect and love each other, especially so in these times of the epidemic. How does God want us to value these relationships we have?

Why Does The Coronavirus First Come Upon Churches?

So why does this epidemic come to the churches? Why does it come upon the believers? What happens when we cannot understand the works of God?

In Times Of Crisis, Pray For The Leaders

Let us pray for leaders of the church to restore their spiritual authority and for the leaders of the nation to have the wisdom and discernment in decision making. 

Is There No Good Thing In The Worst Situation?

During these times of outbreak, there are 2 things we should ponder on restoring in our hearts: Firstly, we should confirm the truth that whatever God has done is good and beautiful. Secondly, God does not only want us to see the beautiful things, but the beauty of who God is. Let us confirm with some testimonies of God’s work amidst our brethren and discover the same grace that is at work in our own lives.

How to Face External Pressure and Inner Guilt?

As our church has confirmed Coronavirus cases, it will follow with some level of fear among people, blame from others and guilt towards those we may have implicated. However, God’s answer to deflect that is for us to know and confirm God’s love in our individual situation. When God’s love comes upon us, it drives out fear. But how do we pursue this love amidst times like these? Pastor Vincent gives us some pointers to hold onto.

Discerning And Responding To God’s Will

Humans are always curious about God’s will, because no one likes to choose the wrong way and suffer loss as a result. But in fact, discerning God’s will is not difficult if we are clear about God’s word.

God Wants A Living Sacrifice

The whole idea about Christianity is about Christ who came to sacrifice and by His sacrifice, He made us a living sacrifice. Yet, how is this possible for our weak human nature?

Life’s Hardest Test and God’s Provision

Sometimes life gets hard, even as we walk with the Lord. Yet, with greater tests and trials comes greater divine grace.

Theme Message of 2020: The Year Of Lasting Christian Faith

Find out the pressing reason why we must build a Christian faith that last in these days.

The Gift Of Perfect Light

Christmas is in fact about light in darkness. Light is what we need to help us see our way and find the Answer we are searching for.

Can Others See That God Is With You?

How does God want us to live with our neighbours? How can people see that the true and living God is with us?

Isaac VS Ishmael: Child of Promise VS Child of Flesh

Although the process of giving up human pride, sins and desires is distressing, it is still wise to obey God, for obedience will be rewarded, but disobedience comes with an agonizing price.

The Answer That Came Late

If our chief joy lies in the final outcome at the end of the wait, then we will be miserable during the wait; but if our highest delight is in the Lord, our hearts will find strength as we wait.  

Is The Quest For Excellence Biblical?

We are living in a merited world, and the quest for excellence does not escape the eyes of men. But is the quest for excellence biblical after all?

Blessed But Barely Saved

In view of God’s righteous judgement, we need to be repentant and vigilant toward sin, grateful that His grace saves those who believe, and urgently evangelise to those who are still lingering outside the door of salvation.

Praying As A Friend Of God And Men

God also calls us His friends, if we do what He commands. As a friend of God, He will make things known to us, and we should share His heart to also pray for those whom He loves.

Prayers: Don’t Trust The Heart, Yet You Need The Heart

In reality, prayer could be the hardest thing to do in our Christian life because of the nature of our hearts. How do we overcome the problem of the heart then?

Abram to Abraham: The Covenant of Circumcision

In the midst of worldly busyness and distractions, it is not easy to keep remembering and trusting God’s promises. Thus, God often uses His word and our life events to remind us and help us confirm His promises.

Is Youthfulness A Hindrance To Spirituality?

Find out this week about how young godly men and women need to guard their hearts and minds and be rightly equipped for this Era.

The GOD who sees ME

Often, what makes it tough for us is not so much the actual problems we face, but because we cannot see God in the midst of our problems. Blessed is the one who sees the God who sees him today!

Believing In God- Our Reward

Even though the faith of we humans is imperfect, it is not the magnitude of our faith, but the Object of our faith, which actually saves us.

Trusting And Acknowledging God First

When we trust and acknowledge God first, above all else, we will see God’s blessed evidences in our lives.

How To Live As Christians In This World?

Jesus prays for us to remain in this World yet be protected from the Evil one. So how should Christians be in and with the World, and yet live as one not of the World?

The Path Of Success VS Failure

Our own best choices and efforts can lead to futility, but only what God promises and provides will endure. May God enable us to always choose right and choose Him!

You Lack “One Thing”

Despite the many things we are doing to experience God’s goodness and have a close relationship with Him, Jesus said, “one thing is still lacking”. What is that”one thing”?

The Proud, The Humble, The Justified

What is our posture as we approach God today – is it with a humble, repentant heart or one laced with self-righteousness?

Finding True Resilience To Live In Adversity

Let us find true resilience so that we can be strong in His grace and edify the weak around us.

Pray And Do Not Lose Heart

Let us be encouraged by the unchanging goodness of God despite perplexities and keep the faith strong by pressing on in prayers.

Taken Or Left Behind?

On the day of Christ’s return, will we be taken up in glory or left behind? Christ will come back anytime, so be ready all the time!

Finding Your Self Esteem In Christ-Likeness

Out of God’s grace, Christ came to redeem the esteem of man. And those who are created in the image of God can only find themselves back by imaging God through Christ-likeness.

Do Not Stop At Partial Faith

What are we looking for when we approach God? Do we have ‘selfish faith’ or ‘saving faith’?

Called By God’s Grace

People of God were called by His grace, not by their own merits. God called those whom He loves to leave the old fallen state and enter into His new grace and blessings.

How To Battle The Flesh?

The flesh is not totally annihilated after regeneration. It merely took a backseat in our life. A true believer has a real war going on within, yet that is the glorious process of sanctification.

God Confused The Proud

Have you ever been played out by your pride before? Pride made humans feel that God is unnecessary and optional. Let us always remember the wise and true words of God through this message.

God Remembers His Covenant

It is most important to restore an “altar-centered”(God-centered) living, always remembering God’s covenant, for God always remembers and honors His promises.

Not Conforming To The World, But Saving It

A lie is telling us it’s perfectly alright to be me-centric and to be without God.
We have to guard against the trap of assimilation and hold tightly to God’s truth.

Are You In Or Out?

All humans face problems in life, and more importantly, the need to resolve the problem of our sins, and the only way of salvation God provided for us is through Christ Jesus. Would you come into the saving grace of Jesus Christ? 

Having Real and Meaningful Friendships in Christ

We’re all born into kinship, but friendships are made. The world is big and our needs are so diverse that our kin cannot be the only ones there for us in our times of need. Yet, can we find true friends who care for us? Find out how true friendship can be forged in Christ.

To Delight Or To Demand?

Do we sometimes feel that God is not appreciative of our obedience and sacrifices? It is easy for us to feel unappreciated or entitled to rewards. However, we need to re-examine the assumptions we are holding onto.

The Heartbeat Of God In Our Community Of Faith

The Heartbeat Of God In Our Community Of Faith

Biblical Stand on Pregnancy, IVF and Adoption

When medical science pushes its limits in reproductive technologies, have we asked what does God says about fertility issues? God does understand the pain of a closed womb and offers hope and alternatives for couples going through those trials.

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

Find out what goes on during abortion, and how abortion has been artfully redefined in his Era. God spares no effort to emphasize the sacredness of life and how pro-choice can be more wrong than ever.

Finding God’s Favor In A Corrupted World

Despite sin threatening to separate humans from God and His blessings, God always provides a way of grace out. In every era, God sets aside someone who fears Him, walks with Him faithfully and obeys Him to fulfill the mission He entrusts. Will you be that blessed one?

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Homosexuality is not only a big topic in the society, but also one in the church nowadays. Much debates have arisen about the LGBT cause. Are the LGBTs redeemable? Can a person with homosexual inclination be saved? How does LGBT lifestyle actually come about? Let’s find out from the bible and the historical realities.

The Right Heart Of Worship

Sin is always crouching at our door, desiring to have us, but God urges us to rule over sin, by turning to Him in faith. The kind of worship that will please God and give us strength is one in which we offer God our sincere heart, best gift and true faith.

Pray ‘Shamelessly’

God gives His children the privilege of getting His help through prayers. Yet, our problem is giving up too easily on prayers when we do not see immediate answers.

The One Necessary Thing

Jesus tells us that there are actually only a few important things, in fact, only one necessary thing.

Being A Blessing To Our Neighbours

Jesus Himself is the best model of a “Good Samaritan”, who lived out God’s love, by being a friend to sinners and saving sinners through His death and resurrection.

I Have Given You Authority

We, as God’s children, are sent out like lambs among the wolves, into the sinful world. Thus we need authority, so that we will not be at the mercy of the world.

Let Little Children Come To Jesus

Jesus loves little children and those with child-like faith. Let us not be shy to come before Jesus. Let us not create any boundaries to make Jesus inaccessible to anyone.

Marriage: God’s Command, Concession and Calling

Everyone has different marital status and corresponding struggles. Thus, we need to understand God’s command, concession and calling with regards to marriage.

Forgiven To Forgive

By our old self, we cannot easily forgive others, but by our new self in Christ, we can. God forgives us so that we can forgive others. Only the greatest love of God can pacify our deepest wounds.

Living As Children Of God In A Post-Truth Culture

We need to confront reality, yet not merely with a sense of realism, but more importantly, with faith. In a world that cares less for truth, we all the more need to restore and live out truth, as the truth will set us free.

When The Reality Is Far From Our Expectations

When the reality is far from our expectations, our response to God and men will reflect what we truly hold onto in our Christian walk. If it is the promise of God that we hold on to, regardless of unfulfilled expectations, we will pray that God’s grace and truth work in our hearts until we can again be in partnership with God in the things He has set out to accomplish.

Sin Hurts, Truth Heals

We must realise it is not Truth, but sin that hurts. Men, blinded by sins, cannot be broken and healed unless the Light of Truth opens up their spiritual eyes to see the uncleanliness within.

How To Use Your Feelings For the Lord?

Inherently, we all love to feel good, and there is nothing wrong in wanting so, but what could be really wrong is if we stop testing or doing the will of God when we are feeling otherwise.

To Be Winners of Sinners

The heart of God is for His people to turn to Him. That is the role of His church on earth. How should the church balance God’s love and righteousness; care and correction?

Prone to Stray; God to Save

We are all prone to stray from God. The good news is, the Good Shepherd never gives up on His lost sheep. No matter how lost or weak His sheep is, the Greatest God cares for the least of His sheep.

Redefining Greatness

Even if we are not the ambitious type, we also do not hope to be someone small and who is looked down upon. The question is, is it wrong to desire greatness?

Exercise Your Freedom Wisely

The good news for those who believe in Jesus is, Christ has set us free! Yet, the freedom God gave His children is a ‘limited freedom’..

Back to Reality with Authority

We know that the Lord’s authority has already come upon His people, and the Holy Spirit is with us and can empower us. However, the problem is, we sometimes still fail in our race and battles on earth. What went wrong?

Battling Inferiority, Indifference, Lack of Zeal

Society system seems to sound like laws and institutions. Yet if we inquire further, this system is in fact a godless and man-centric mindset, which very quickly develops into a disbelieving culture.. Such a system hurts the human soul and makes it grow cold.

Now, Choose Life Over Death

It’s either we yield our sovereignty to God (from Gospel we’ve heard), or we remain in sovereignty. Or its either we subconsciously yield our will to obey His revealed will or to turn away from it. Even if we remain indifferent, that is already a choice.

Sufferings in the Presence of a Divine Relationship

The most direct and underlying reason to sufferings is “the sense of abandonment”. We will make sense out of everything except the love of God.