The Life Church and Missions (Singapore) has been a pure Chinese Church since year 2002. Its history can be read here. However, it has been in the church leadership’s vision to bring the full gospel to the English world, since the vision of World Evangelism was given them at the start of the 21st century.

Evidence to start the English Ministry was first revealed when Pastor Vincent and his team, led by the Holy Spirit, started ministering to believers in Penang in 2006 who were mainly English-speaking. God, amazingly through his pastoral team, planted the Christ Life Church of Penang (CLCP) in Dec 2009. Since then, Pastor Vincent has been working closely with Pastor Sarah from CLCP to raise new generations of Christians through sharing a covenanted message of the full gospel of Christ, directing believers back to the fullness of the Word and Holy Spirit, while clearly downplaying all mystic, legalistic, humanistic and prosperity teachings (truncated gospel).

In sharing the gospel, Pastor Vincent did not follow the usual trends which most young pastors would have taken by injecting worldly relativism into his sharing to appeal to young believers. He believes the gospel in itself is inherently relevant. And it is only when the gospel is preached in full that it will ignite the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, and draw remnants who are genuinely devoted to the Emmanuel God. Biblically, remnants are the chosen people of God. Yet, we deliberately use the term “remnants” to refer to people of God who remain in these last days and long to experience Christ and His resurrected power, so that they can live solely for the Kingdom in this fallen and ending world. With that in mind, Pastor Vincent has preached a full series of English discipleship messages in Penang. (This series is known commonly as “36 lessons” – the Chinese version of which has been popularly disseminated among Mainland China believers).

In 2012, the Holy Spirit also moved both Pastor Vincent and Pastor Sarah to start the inaugural annual Remnant Conference (Subsequently renamed as “The Blessed RUN Conference” or “TBR Conference” in 2016) in Penang. In its second year (2013), the conference attracted participants from Singapore, Malaysia, China and even as far as the United States. Yet, the focus of the Remnant Ministry was always on raising disciples instead of the numbers. Therefore, it was heartening to see real transformational changes upon participants. Disciples were raised in the midst of these ministries and conferences as many went back to their fields and started weekly gatherings, continued in strong church living, had their lives focused on evangelism, and gained the favor of their families, brethren and friends.

We witnessed real and genuine work of the Holy Spirit. In the midst of all these amazing works of God, the Life Church and Missions (Singapore) received clear conviction to start their first English meeting on 19 Sep 2013, known as the Emmanuel Youth Fellowship (EYF), which aimed to raise up believers of this era who are solidly grounded in the truth that gives them a genuine passion for Christ and His Kingdom. With that in mind, we also started The Blessed RUN Ministries in 2016, as a English ministry, which is registered as a separate entity from the Chinese ministry of its affiliated church, the Life Church and Missions (Singapore). On 9 Sep 2017, the EYF became a formal English Service, targeting English-speaking believers and seekers of all ages. About 3.5 years later in Apr 2021, The Blessed RUN Ministries was renamed “The Blessed Run Church”, to make it better known that we are a Christian Church. Our disciples-making, The Blessed RUN Conferences (TBR Conferences), and weekly service messages are all available on our website. We welcome like-minded people to come forth to share with us this great burden of raising remnants in these last days.


At the general meeting on 17 September 2023, the members of The Blessed Run (TBR) Church voted and passed the resolution to merge with ‘The Life Church and Missions’ (LCM), which is also led by Rev Vincent Choo. This merger will optimise administrative resources and streamline the collaboration between the two churches. It would also promote greater unity between the English and Chinese congregations.

The TBR Church has become the English congregation of The Life Church Missions (LCM) with effect from 3 November 2023.