Know Us

The Life Church and Missions (LCM)

The Life Church and Missions (LCM) is a reformed independent church, which teaches reformed doctrines and is committed to raising true Christian disciples to live the way of Christ and advance the work of the Gospel.


Broadly, it aims to preach, practise and spread everywhere the teachings of the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments), with the Salvation of Jesus Christ for those who believe in Him as its most basic teaching. Specifically, it seeks to teach, train, and nurture Christians to see evangelism, missions and church planting as a total commitment of their lives. LCM takes special interest and responsibility in nurturing every disciple of Christ, even if it requires persistent love and patience in the process, given the reality of fallen human nature that makes true transformation challenging.


Our leaders consist of both full-timers and lay ministers who are willing to sacrifice time and energy to make disciples of Christ. In spirit, we advocate a ministry of the truth and also a ministry of the heart. Realistically, we recognise clearly in these last days of sweeping carnalism and relativism <2 Timothy 3:1>, God has reserved for Himself remnants who will hold fast to the full and complete Gospel, and who will also be ordained by God with power and all kinds of specialisations to bring the Gospel of Jesus far and wide to the ends of the world.


If you share a common perspective and heartbeat, we welcome your participation in LCM.