Pastor and Coworkers

Pastor Vincent and wife, Qiufen

Pastor Vincent is one servant of God who runs tirelessly for God’s kingdom and draws others to also live for God’s glory. As a shepherd, he always seeks to understand the needs and struggles of God’s people, and then points them to the answers in Christ. To those under his care, he is both a teacher and a friend. Dear to his heart is the conviction to impart God’s sound doctrine as well as provide tender pastoral care. He upholds reformed doctrines which have been passed down from church history, and emphasizes the complete and systematic understanding of God’s Word. His prayer is that the sound teachings Christians receive can translate into their practical living. The clear vision he received from God is to raise disciples for Christ and bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. Fueled by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Vincent is not only the Senior Pastor of The Life Church and Missions in Singapore, but he also travels regularly around the world to plant churches, raise disciples and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Thus, God has used him greatly to hold the helm of the Life Churches in various regions.

Pastor Vincent is married to Qiufen who shares the same godly vision as him, and they have three adorable children.

Preacher Huijun and husband, Deacon Chengji

Those who know Preacher Huijun will see her as a sister whom God has graciously anointed as a spiritual guide to those seeking answers in life. She takes interest in understanding people and is able to present God’s truth in a way relevant to her hearers. Many under her care found the connection back to God. Preacher Huijun was called by God into full-time ministry in 2012 and completed a Master of Divinity (Biblical Studies) at the Singapore Bible College in 2015. Currently, she serves full-time at The Life Church and Missions (Singapore), together with Pastor Vincent, as well as, preaches regularly at The Blessed Run Church.

Preacher Huijun is married to Deacon Chengji, who serves alongside her with the same heart.

Deacon John and wife, Rachel

Deacon Randy and wife, Miki

Deacon Hooi Yann

Sister Miki
(Full Time Staff)