Need resources on helping youths connect with God and the gospel?
Every Friday at 8pm, we gather together in our youth group, NET Youth, where we worship, share relevant messages and have activities to engage our next generation. NET stands for Nature, Experiences and Testimonies, and it is also the direction and purpose of our youth ministry. To understand our human nature, experience God in our own fields and testify for God with our lives.
We also have a Youth Camp held annually during the June Holidays, conducted by our Senior Pastor Vincent.
Hoping that you will explore and find materials that help minister to you or your youths.
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Youth Camp 2022: Timeless Values

We just had our youth camp! Hear this intuitive message by Pastor Vincent about how changes are sweeping the world, and how we as young people must all the more hold on to values that last. It is never a better time to ask what are the timeless values that the Bible has given us. If you are in your secondary, post secondary or tertiary studies, you are also welcome to join us every Friday, 8.15PM for a rigorous time of learning God’s Word and blessed fellowship.


Stress from expectations, self worth, addictions, relationships with others and peer pressure. Youth is one of the toughest phase in life. But thankfully, we have a strong and never-changing support to rely and fall back on- Jesus Christ. Here are some practical ways we can use to relook and face our hurdles in life with a new light of hope and trust in God and brethren.


Our very first NET message, setting a vision for all our youths, using the acronym: NET.

Youth Fellowship Outing 2017

An evening, coming together, for some games, food and bonding with our adults and youth at Labrador Park.